Jordan Silk celebrating with the BBL trophy. Picture: Sydney Sixers

BBL |10 was a season like no other, but Jordan Silk and the Sydney Sixers still got a fairy-tale ending. He opens up on the challenges of the hub, the post-championship celebrations and his white-ball aspirations for Australia.

When he’s not playing for Tasmania, Jordan Silk has been spending his summers with the Sydney Sixers since 2013.

He’s been a fixture in the side ever since he joined the franchise and was recently voted into the club’s Team of the Decade.

Across his eight seasons in the BBL, Silk has not experienced a tournament as challenging and unique as this past season was, but it also made the end result all the more rewarding.

He was a part of the club’s championship in BBL |09 but said this year’s title was special because of the tough and abnormal circumstances that the team had to endure.

“It’s probably going to go down as one of the more special wins I’ve ever been a part of just due to the circumstances. Not being able to see family and friends, I was quite lucky being from Tassie that my partner was able to enter the hub, but that Northern beaches outbreak really cost a lot of the families in our organization,” Silk told The Inner Sanctum.

“It had particular challenges for our group, I’d be lying to say that it was smooth sailing for us the whole way through. We definitely had our challenges along the way and everyone has their days where they’re a bit down about it. But that Sixers group at the moment is just in a really good place, there’s a lot of experience in that line-up.”

The Avalon COVID cluster in Sydney in mid-December meant the Sixers were on the road for the entire tournament.

But despite the challenges this created, Silk said it did help the group bond.

“One thing it probably did was bring us a bit closer together as a unit. You’re used to spending a game or two together on the road, but to spend all 14 or 15 in the same apartment blocks together probably meant we built some stronger relationships with each other.”

But the stars aligned when the Sixers were able to play the BBL Final at the SCG, its first match at its home ground for the entire season.

“I think there was no more fitting way for it to end for us than to get that last game in Sydney and to win in front of close to 30,000 people. It was honestly one of the loudest stadiums I’ve been a part of for a cricket match, a really special night in my life that I won’t forget and I know the rest of the guys will remember that one.”

Due to still being in the hub, it meant the group celebrated as a team post-match rather than seeing their families and friends, with Silk giving an insight into what they got up to.

“We actually went back to the hotel we were staying at and watched the replay from 2:00 am to 5:00 am. We were re-enacting some of the moments from the game. I remember Vincey’s (James Vince) catch when he took that one to get rid of Mitch Marsh, he sort of re-enacted it in the room with his celebration and everything, it was a great laugh.”

The one celebration that did go public was a viral video Dan Christian uploaded to Instagram of the team celebrating on the harbour over “Bad Boys For Life”.

Silk revealed its origins laid in a group dinner the night before.

“It was funny because the night before I had dinner with Moises (Henriques), Dan Christian, and Dan Hughes down on the Harbour in Kirribilli, we just got some Thai and sat there on the grass. It was like, ‘geez, this would be a good spot to come down and get some photos with the trophy if we were to win the next night’.

“When we were watching the replay and 5:00 rolled around, Dan Christian mentioned the sun was coming up in half an hour and that we should make our way down to the waterfront. It was actually a picturesque morning, the sunrise was amazing. We got some really cool photos down there and obviously Dan’s Insta video blew up,” he laughed.

Silk enjoyed a fantastic BBL campaign personally, averaging 38.20 runs at a strike rate of 144.70.

He made a brilliant 78 off 49 balls against the Hurricanes, while also showing again why he’s one of the best fielders in the country with his 16 catches for the season.

Many felt he was unlucky not to be in the Team of the Tournament or selected in the Australian T20 squad that went over to New Zealand, with Silk admitting he has “huge aspirations” to play for Australia

“It’s kind of a bit funny really, probably over the course of my career I never really pictured myself as a white-ball player. I was probably more a traditionalist in thinking that a baggy was the dream. That is still the dream, but I guess if I’m to look at my career right now I am probably closer if I’m being honest to maybe playing white-ball cricket for Australia.”

He credited his experience playing in the middle order at the Sixers for his current form, saying he feels ready if the call comes.

“I’d love to think that I could add a fair bit to an Australian squad. I think one thing that works in my favour is that I’ve constantly batted in the middle order. I can add something there and also with my fielding, which adds another string to my bow.”

He’s looking to the rest of the One-Day Cup with Tasmania to push his case.

“I feel like I’ve got the right sort of processes and mindset at the moment to go out there and give each innings my absolute best. It’s a nice headspace to be in and hopefully, it can continue for the rest of the One-Day season.”

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