Pat Cummins doesn't believe James Anderson's absence is significant (Images: Cricket Australia)

News broke on Tuesday that James Anderson would miss the first test with a calf injury, Pat Cummins explains why it isn't significant.

New Australian skipper Pat Cummins doesn’t believe the injury to veteran England seamer James Anderson is significant after it emerged that the 39-year-old was ruled out of the series opener starting tomorrow at the Gabba.

Anderson is nursing a calf injury, and whilst it wasn’t expected that he would play all five matches in the series, to most, the blow feels, on the surface, big enough to almost derail any chance of an England first-test win.

Cummins, who addressed media on Tuesday ahead of his first Test in charge of the Australian team, said that he wasn’t shocked by the news.

“No is probably the honest answer,” Cummins said when asked if his initial feeling was that the news of Anderson being ruled out was that it would be significant.

“Not because he’s not a great player, but I didn’t think he was going to play all five tests, it’s a shame that he won’t be out there tomorrow,

“He’s 39 years old, he’s one of the leading wicket-takers ever in test cricket, any team that he walks into is a team worth watching,

“In terms of the context of the series, we’ll concentrate on we’ll do well, it’s not a huge factor from our end.”

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As is generally the case around Ashes time, things can get heated on the field amongst player’s and opposition, trying to get under each other’s skin.

Cummins, as Australia’s leader, wants his team to priorities the players making sure that getting their game right comes first before anything else.

“I don’t think I’ll be intervening until we see a problem, I want to make sure everyone does what they do best and they don’t get caught up in too much-unneeded fighting,

“You don’t need to go out looking to pick fights, I’m a big believer in concentrating on our own game and making sure that’s in order.”

“It’s test cricket, there’s gonna be some heated moments, we’ll keep everyone in check, the last few years has put everyone on notice, you won’t see too many people getting out of line.”

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With Perth losing its hosting privileges for the fifth test, the debate of where it should end up is yet to have a resolution.

Pat Cummins is in two minds as to whether the Sydney Cricket Ground is his preference.

“My heart is saying yes (to an extra Sydney test match), but my head (says) we haven’t had some great experiences there the last couple of years,” he said.

“Particularly as a fast bowler, it can get pretty low and slow, really we don’t have any preference, that’s the honest answer, Hobart and Melbourne have been thrown up, another pink ball in Adelaide, I’m not too fussed,

“Sydney would be great, I can stay at home, but I’m not too bothered.”

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