Jake Paul has edged out a split-decision-victory over Tyron Woodley to remain undefeated. Photo: @SHOsports/Twitter.

Jake Paul has silenced the doubters again, defeating former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley by split decision to remain undefeated.

YouTube-star-turned-professional-boxer Jake Paul has defeated former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley by split decision to remain undefeated at 4-0.

The judges scored the contest 77-75, 75-77, and 78-74.  

This fight was said to be the biggest test of Paul’s career and it proved to be, journeying past the second round for the first time in his career, and facing adversity during the fight to earn the victory.

Round 1

The first round started with Woodley coming out aggressively, throwing an overhand right. However, he was very tentative from then on, only throwing six punches for the round, using it as a feeling-out process.

Paul on the other hand looked strong, mixing up his strikes and attacking the body. He looked the far more comfortable boxer, landing combinations.

Round 2

Woodley was slightly more aggressive in the second but was unable to land many of his strikes, while on the other hand, Paul was fighting a disciplined fight, getting out of the way of Woodley’s strikes, and picking him off from distance.

Woodley was boxing in sprints, rushing forward, throwing strikes and then resetting before loading up again.

Round 3

Paul continued to have success with his right to the body, left to the head combination which seemed to land every time he threw it. Woodley was more active in the third, but Paul continued to fight measuredly, countering Woodley.

The round finished with Woodley landing a big right, his best strike of the fight so far.

Round 4

Woodley looked to have grown in confidence to start the fourth round, walking down Paul, however was unable to land anything significant.

Paul looked as though he was beginning to fatigue, not moving as well and throwing big punches hoping to land a knockout blow.

In the final minute of the round, Woodley landed an overhand right which knocked Paul into the ropes, saving him from falling to the canvas. This was the first time Paul had faced adversity in his boxing career, but he was able to weather the storm to survive the round.

Round 5

Smelling blood, Woodley continued to walk Paul down, however like the previous rounds was not throwing with enough volume and was unable to put Paul under pressure. Woodley landed one uppercut early but didn’t follow up with anything significant for the rest of the round.

Paul was the more active fighter in terms of throwing punches but was one dimensional in his strikes, head hunting. The round was very close with neither fighter really showcasing much.

Round 6

Paul looked visibly fatigued again, taking deep breaths but showed perseverance still being the more active fighter. Again, Woodley was stagnate, not pressuring Paul enough with strikes and often would punch his way into the clinch, giving Paul time to rest.

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Round 7

The seventh round was rather lacklustre with Woodley winning the first 90 seconds with a good left hook, while Paul won the second half of the round, landing with his best shot: an overhand right.

Both fighters looked to be waiting on the other to throw first so they could counter, however this made for little action.

Round 8

Needing a knockout to win, Woodley came out quickly to open the final round, with both fighters throwing haymakers in the hope of landing that knockout blow.

Paul fought smart, knowing he was most likely winning on the judges’ scorecards, riding the punches of Woodley effectively and looking to tie up in the clinch to burn precious seconds from the clock.

What next?

Post-fight, Woodley called for a rematch with Paul, however that fight seems unlikely to be made with Paul not overly excited about running it back.

Another potential fight could be with Tommy Fury, the brother of WBC Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who fought early on the card in a decision victory over Anthony Taylor.

The two have gone back and forth in the past, with Fury rumoured to potentially be the next opponent of Paul before the Woodley fight was made. Post-fight, Fury called out Paul again.

“Jake Paul should have an easy night then, so he’s got no excuses on not taking the fight,” Fury said.

“Let’s get it on, Jake Paul. I have done my bit, you do your bit right tonight, and we’ll get it on.”

With many people wanting Paul to fight an actual boxer next, Fury could be the next move for Paul.

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