Melbourne native Jake Matthews (18-6-0) lost by unanimous decision to Matthew Semelsberger (11-4-0) after a hard-fought three-round war.

The fight began slowly with both men feeling each other out by testing the distance with feints and low kicks, neither man was over-committing to their shots.

The pace erupted after Semelsberger threw a straight right hand that floored ‘The Celtic Kid’.

‘The Jedi’ rushed in and rained down some brutal ground and pound, hoping to finish the fight early but Matthews was able to recover back to his feet.

Semelsberger continued to close in on the Aussie, delivering body shots in the clinch before taking him down. While on the ground, Semelsberger tried to drop hammer fists but Matthews was able to control the head and hands of the American.

The second round began with a more intense pace, as ‘The Celtic Kid’ bounced around and became more active with his strikes.

‘The Jedi’ secured a quick takedown but wasn’t able to control him as Matthews worked his way back up, throwing a few body shots in the pocket before backing away to a safe range.

The Aussie stunned the American with a clean left hook but didn’t rush in, instead, he took his time and his head movement and defensive boxing started to find a nice flow.

Matthews continued to jab and slip, in order to find room to land his power hooks. Semelsberger swung back but the Aussie kept landing clean counter combinations.

The American turned the tables and knocked Matthews down to the canvas again, with the same straight right hand. Matthews scrambles back to his feet where they ended the round trading heavy shots at close range.

The final round started with a bang, Semelsberger dropped ‘The Celtic Kid’ again with a right hand for the third time.

‘The Celtic Kid’ tried to lock in a guillotine on the American to no success, the two men later found their way back up against the fence and started trading blows.

The Aussie landed a clean inside leg trip to follow Semelsberger to the ground and the fight ended with Matthews on top, punching down his opponent.

The fight went to the judges’ scorecards where Jake Matthews would lose by unanimous decision.

Matthews is only 28 years old and is already a veteran of the sport, having been competing in the UFC since 2014.

‘The Celtic Kid’ has yet to reach his peak and has plenty of time to go back to the drawing board to further hone his craft.

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