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Nicila ‘The Chaos’ Costello can’t see any way where she doesn’t come out on top, as she is set to make boxing history in the first female Australian pro bout sanctioned across six three-minute rounds.

Australian Flyweight Champion and Queensland State Champion Costello (4-3) will face Mai Soliman (2-1) for the Bantamweight Australasian Title on Friday, the 30th of June at the Revesby Workers Club, Sydney.

This bout will be a first for both fighters as three-minute rounds have never been sanctioned in Australian or International women’s boxing before.

Women’s boxing has historically competed under two-minute rounds, while men have used three-minute rounds but Costello has been “converted” and believes this will “increase the calibre” of women’s boxing.

In an exclusive interview with The Inner Sanctum, Nicila Costello discussed the long road she went down to secure this fight, going back and forth with sanctioning bodies to authorise the match.

“It went back and forth for so long because no one would sanction this three minutes, to the point where we’re like just f***ing tell us if we’re fighting or not,” Costello said.

“Originally we just took it for the fight really, we took it for the opportunity to go and do the job and come home but for how much resistance and what feels like red tape we came across … now to me, it means a lot more.

“To be honest I’ve been converted, I would hundred per cent prefer to do three-minute rounds for the rest of my career.

“I’m glad we’re doing this, we’re setting the tone and I think there’s going to be enough pressure over the next few years and there’s going to have to be a change.

“It does increase the calibre of what we can show and the sport that’s displayed.”

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Going into this fight, ‘The Chaos’ delved into her game plan, her training camp and how much she has evolved in the sport after jumping into the deep end so early on in her career.

“I was evolving so quickly and so fast that I was almost trying to play catch-up in a sense, not in a bad way if that makes sense but because we jumped at every opportunity,” she said.

“I was always improving in fight camps but this time it’s almost just dramatic in terms of the style of fighting, ringmanship, and IQ.

“In the six months since my last fight, the improvements are like ten-fold.

“Compared to my previous fights, you’re going to see me just as fit, just as keen to bang on, but technically and boxing-wise, I think it will be the most dramatic change so far.

“I think the three minutes will benefit me and my style. I know she’s taller, I know she’s going to be skilled and sharp.

“I’m sure they’ve trained and put a lot into it but everyone’s a new set of challenges and I’m not underestimating her by any means.

“My game plan is just to do myself justice … it’s going to be a crowd-pleaser no matter what.

“I feel so confident in how much I’ve grown as a fighter, the technical side of stuff that I bring.”

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Costello is determined to put on a boxing masterclass, showcasing how much she’s grown as a fighter while capturing yet another title belt on the way.

“Honestly I just can’t see any way I don’t come out on top because I’ll be as strong as always, I’ll be as keen as always,” she said.

“For us, we know who we want to target and where we want to go with my boxing and that’s the top two in the division and the country.

“As long as we’re putting on great shows and I’m continuing to improve … but at the moment it’s just eyes on the prize.”

Hosted by Neutral Corner Fight Promotions, watch the fight on Friday, the 30th of June at the Revesby Workers Club, Sydney.

(Photo: ACE Boxing Group/Facebook)

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