Sunday Dech at training on Thursday. Picture: Adelaide 36ers

Sunday Dech at training on Thursday. Picture: Adelaide 36ers

Adelaide 36ers guard Sunday Dech has been in awe post-World Cup after South Sudan qualified for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

In the recent FIBA World Cup, South Sudan finished as the 17th-ranked nation, and Dech has been delighted about their success in a short period of time in global basketball.

“It’s been a dream since I was a kid,” Dech told the media.

“It’s the first time South Sudan has been on the world stage for basketball, we are the newest country in the world, we are only 12-years-old. To be able to do something of this magnitude so early is phenomenal,” Dech said.

The 29-year-old is excited about the group in Adelaide this season and expects the team to get a jump start to the Blitz and the start of the season.

“I want to take that momentum into the NBL season with the Blitz starting this weekend,” Dech confidently said.

“We have an exciting group … we have a good team this year and one where I got to keep working my way into the line-up.”

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This NBL season, Dech wants to be a player who is ready anytime his number is called, and has addressed his role on the team with head coach CJ Bruton.

“I sat down with CJ (Bruton, head coach) before I left to see where I fit in coming back,” Dech said.

“On Tuesday, I was with the starters group, today I was with the bench group, so the coaches are just finding out about different looks and line-ups ahead of the weekend.”

Adelaide will play the New Zealand Breakers in their NBL Blitz opener on Sunday at 12pm at Gold Coast Convention Centre.

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