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Despite being only 22, Ollie Florent says he feels like one of the older heads as the Sydney Swans enter a new era with the next generation.

Ollie Florent says he feels like one of the older heads.

At 22 years old and with 70 games under his belt, Florent enters season number five in the AFL as one of several exciting young Sydney midfielders, forming the nucleus for the next generation of bloods.

While 2020 threw many things into chaos, the hub environment gave a young Sydney group a chance to bond and grow closer to each other.

An experience that according to Florent is one that they might never get again.

“To be able to still get a chance to play some footy and do what we love at a pretty difficult time, we were grateful to get a chance to do what we love,” Florent told The Inner Sanctum.

“We got to know a lot of the boys a lot better and build some strong relationships. It’s probably something that we won’t get the chance to do in that environment again”.

The Swans enter 2021 with a fantastic mix of youth and experience on their list. A combination that has Florent excited about the prospects of the team as they continue to grow and develop.

“We’re getting better each week. We’re obviously not going to get it right all the time. We are lucky that we still have some great leaders in the club,” he said.

“I feel like I’m one of the older blokes around here now so I’m doing what I can to help some of the younger boys, but also learning from them as well as listening to the older guys.

“We’ve become a lot closer and we have drafted some good kids.”

Florent became a regular part of the Swans engine room in 2020. Spending more time through the middle of the ground, adding additional layers to his speed and outside game which has been his, strength through the early years of his promising career.

Gearing up to play a similar role in 2021, Florent is ready to prove himself as the ultimate team man and use his strengths around the ground as Swans continue to develop and build cohesion as a team.

“For me, it’s not really just locking into the one position. I feel like I can play anywhere. Wherever the team needs me,” he said.

“I feel like i have strengths both inside and outside.”

A big family man, but a good club man. Sydney fans can rest assured that Ollie Florent is a blood through and through.

Contracted to the end of 2022, but has no desire to play football anywhere else.

“It’s a really special place Sydney.” he said

“Obviously being away from home can be tough at times but there are opportunities to go back and see them.

At the moment I am really enjoying my time here. It’s a guernsey that I really feel good wearing and hopefully, I can wear it for a bit longer.”

As the season looms large, Florent and the Swans are excited about what they can achieve. With a plethora of young talent and young guys taking steps forward. The sense of optimism is high about what can be achieved.

“We don’t put any ceilings on what we can achieve as a group, which is exciting for us,” Florent said.

” I cant see why we can’t take it to the top very quickly”.

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