Bronson Reed on Monday Night Raw (Picture: WWE/Design: Theo Dimou)

Since returning to WWE and making a big splash on Monday Night Raw, Bronson Reed has detailed the decision to come back and how his focus is now towards proving himself on the big stage.

The Aussie Destroyer was the NXT North American Champion before leaving the company two years ago and later spent time in NJPW, where he defeated one of the promotion’s biggest names in Kazuchika Okada.

He was on the cusp of becoming a big attraction, but then returned to WWE last December and has reaped the benefits by remaining undefeated in singles competition. Reed has convincingly conquered the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Chad Gable in the ring, potentially being primed for a top spot on the roster.

Speaking exclusively to The Inner Sanctum, Reed highlighted his choice to come back and how he hopes to have a prominent role in WWE under the management of Triple H.

“It was definitely something I had to think about”, he said.

“I do have a great relationship with Hunter (Triple H) and I think the world of him and his vision and how he sees professional wrestling and what he’s doing with WWE.

“That definitely did persuade me to come back and I also thought you know, I was on the precipice of being something really big with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“But at the same time, I was also that in WWE before I stepped away and I didn’t get to do things like WrestleMania or SummerSlam.

“I was just recently in the Elimination Chamber, so those are the things that really persuaded me to come back and really prove myself and prove that I can be a featured guy in WWE.”

Triple H posing with Bronson Reed (Picture: @TripleH/Twitter)

The Aussie Destroyer also spoke about his time on the main roster so far, which encompasses a heavy touring schedule and how facing new competition has assisted him.

“It’s been really good”, he said.

“I love the touring aspect of it, it’s something that I have done obviously my whole career wherever I have been able to wrestle.

“But, WWE is on such a bigger grand scheme of things. It’s always packed out arenas, like it is really fun and getting to step in the ring with people that I haven’t worked with before is always good as well.

“I like to test myself against different skill sets and so far, it’s gone well.”

Although Reed made his Monday Night Raw in-ring debut in January, he impressively qualified for the men’s Elimination Chamber match and competed inside the chaotic structure one month later.

The quick transition from management has presented him with confidence, as he plans to ride his momentum after WrestleMania.

“It’s sort of unheard of to return and I was on Monday Night Raw for about a month and a half before I’m in the Elimination Chamber”, he said.

“So far, I am undefeated on Monday Night Raw.

“I was heavily featured in that Chamber match, so it does give me confidence that the higher-ups see something in me and all I do is make sure to keep working hard and I want to get that momentum rolling and after WrestleMania season, hopefully see some gold on my shoulder.”

Bronson Reed leaves his pod and enters the Elimination Chamber match (Picture: WWE)

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Reed then further outlined what he hopes to achieve in 2023, ranging from capturing championship gold to competing in WWE’s major Premium Live Events.

“Ultimately, I’m looking to become a champion”, he said.

“Whether that’s the United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion or maybe a WWE Champion, Universal Champion. They’re the big goals.

“I want to be apart of the events like Money in the Bank and SummerSlam and Survivor Series, so hopefully I am featured in them and have some of those dream matches I can tick off of my bucket list.

“I have a few people in my sights that I’d love to be able to step in the ring with. Whether it happens, I don’t know. But that is sort of what I’m looking forward to.”

Bronson Reed wins the NXT North American Championship from Johnny Gargano in May, 2021 (Picture: WWE)

The Aussie Destroyer elaborated on potential dream matches he wishes to have in his career, one against someone who he has previous experience with and the other a big figure who he is eyeing most.

“I know that me vs Gunther is something that the whole wrestling world would love to see and we’ve actually done on a smaller basis on the independents”, he said.

“We’ve actually wrestled each other in four different countries, we wrestled each other in Germany, England, Australia and United States.

“I’d love to do it on the big stage in WWE, but my main probably dream match is one that you mentioned and that’s against Brock Lesnar. So hopefully, that can happen.”

Reed then praised fellow South Australian, Rhea Ripley for going the distance to win the women’s Royal Rumble match and earning a Smackdown Women’s Championship opportunity at WrestleMania.

The Aussie Destroyer spoke about their history, while also predicting for her to triumph over Charlotte Flair.

“She’s an incredible pro wrestler and also an incredible human being”, he said.

“I’ve been lucky enough to see her from the start of her career when she first ever started training, all the way up till now and I think the big thing for me with her is that she always tries so hard to have like, the best match possible.

“Always a standout on the show and I think that’s very commendable that she’s stayed like that all the way from being a young girl in Adelaide, all the way to here now possibly the main event of WrestleMania.

“I think she’s going to step into WrestleMania and beat Charlotte as well.”

Rhea Ripley makes her entrance with Dominik Mysterio (Picture: WWE)

With Premium Live Events scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico and London in 2023, Reed discussed WWE’s plan to move these shows overseas more and is hoping for the company to return to Australia for the first time in five years.

“I 100% hope they do that”, he said.

“I know that they’re looking to run Premium Live Events overseas more. Obviously, there was a lot of success with Clash at the Castle. They’ve had a lot of success in Saudi Arabia, now we’re going to Puerto Rico soon for Backlash.

“We’re gonna be in London for Money in the Bank, I’m really hoping we could sell out one of the footy places in Australia, whether it’s the MCG again or whether it’s in Sydney, or even my hometown of Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.

“I’m hoping we can do a big Premium Live Event there and feature people like myself and Rhea Ripley, and get the Australian crowd behind us.”

WWE Super Show-Down emanating from the Melbourne Cricket Ground in October, 2018 (Picture: JPJ Audio)

Born in South Australia and with the 2023 AFL premiership season kickstarting this week, the Aussie Destroyer is a passionate Port Adelaide supporter and previewed what will be an important year for the club.

Reed also spoke about Ken Hinkley, what living in the United States and working a busy schedule means for tuning into the sport, and the prison bars making their comeback in Port Adelaide’s home Showdown.

“I mean, it is hard especially because weekends are my busiest time”, he said.

“Time differences and time zones sometimes, I can’t watch full matches.

“Generally, the games that I get to tune in for are the Showdowns, because I pray for Port to beat the Crows every single time.

“I always watch highlights and keep up to date with what’s happening at Port. They’re my team, they’ve been my team since I was a little kid.

“I was a Port Magpies supporter as well, so I try to keep up as much as possible.

“It’s (the prison bars) a traditional thing and I think it’s something that should have been allowed in the AFL a long time ago.

“It’s our history, it’s our club and as someone that used to go to local SANFL games and represent the prison bars, I’m glad that it’s actually finally getting to happen at a Showdown and I have a prison bar guernsey here as well that I wear, so I’ll happily be wearing that day of the Showdown.

“I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and obviously, he’s (Ken Hinkley) a great coach and hopefully we can get some premiership success.

“But, new blood is always good as well I think depending where that comes from. But, I think the team this year is gonna do really well.

“We have good draft picks and stuff like that, so I’m hoping that we get to the premiership and we can take it out this year. I hope that every year, but I think there’s some likelihood this year.”

L-R: Jason Horne-Francis, Connor Rozee and Jase Burgoyne wearing the prison bar guernsey (Picture: @PAFC/Twitter)

WrestleMania 39 streams live to Australia on Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd April on BINGE.

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