Police and fans allegedly clash. Picture: @Jacob01Aus/X

Police and fans allegedly clash. Picture: @Jacob01Aus/X

Often, fans became increasingly disinterested in the A-League due to a lack of quality and entertainment on the pitch.

Now that the product is flourishing on-field with exciting and attacking football, it’s the off-field issues that are beginning to turn core supporters away.

This time, heavy police presence and a substantial number of complaints concerning unfair treatment when it comes to security at football grounds.

From the Macarthur situation with the banner taken down to fights breaking out with Western Sydney Wanderers’ RBB active support and police, it was a truly horrific weekend where sadly, football was not the main talking point.

The latest allegations involve Brisbane Roar supporters held up by police and threatened with short videos on social media doing the rounds.

Jacob, a dedicated and passionate Brisbane Roar member, spoke to The Inner Sanctum about what he witnessed in the events leading up to the march toward Suncorp Stadium with the active support group.

“It started at the Hotel LA (Pre-game venue) when plain-clothed QPS came in and started questioning a few of us on our age and what we were drinking,” Jacob told The Inner Sanctum.

“They then for some reason asked for our licences and took down our information. He then told me he hoped I wouldn’t be getting up to any mischief to which I replied ‘I don’t do anything.’ He then replied to me with ‘that’s what they all say.’”

From that point on, Jacob began to realise that the march heading into the stadium had a different vibe compared to previous occasions.

“Then we began our march an hour or so later.,” he confirmed. “Never have I had any issues at a march before yesterday, however, the larger police presence made all the difference. In previous marches, we would sometimes stop in a spot and chant there for 30 seconds or so but yesterday police were yelling at us to keep moving and shoved us.

“Some of the younger lads like jumping around and jumping into each other, but it hit tipping point. A couple of cops started shoving them and one of them was screaming as apparently they were being unsafe and causing potential harm to families. There was no violence at any point yet multiple teenagers ended up being arrested.”

As shocking as those allegations are, Jacob claims an older man outside the stadium was treated poorly after attempting to condemn the actions of police concerning the handling of supporters pre-match.

“As for the older man outside the stadium, about five minutes before halftime he starts having a go at the cop (The main guy that is seen in both videos) for how they are treating our fans,” said Jacob.

“He then proceeds to start walking for the exit. As he is walking to the exit the cop tells him to leave which he replies with ‘I already am.’

“The cop follows him outside the stadium when the man tells the cop to leave him alone. That’s when the police officers tackle him and all the other cops and security join in. Heaps of concerned onlookers are filming and yelling at them to get off him.

“Another interesting thing is as far as I know, no one was detained for very long at all which speaks for itself when you ask the question – ‘did they do anything wrong?’

The Inner Sanctum reached out to Queensland Police to comment on the matter and provided a statement from a spokesperson regarding Sunday’s events.

‘Police issued a 17-year-old boy and a 27-year-old man with move on directions following alleged anti-social behaviour at Milton.  

It will be alleged the duo were part of a large group of spectators engaging in anti-social behaviour and ignoring directions from security personnel prior to the commencement of a nearby sporting event.  

Investigations are continuing, and anyone with relevant CCTV or mobile phone vision is urged to contact police.  

In a separate incident, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for disorderly behaviour in Milton after allegedly igniting a flare and is being dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

Overall, however, police were mostly satisfied with crowd behaviour.  

The Queensland Police Service is committed to keeping spectators safe and will always ensure a strong police presence prior to, during, and after sporting events.’

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