Adelaide Strikers and ACT Meteors batter Katie Mack (Photo: Supplied by SACA/Graphic by Madeline Irwin)

Having played in last week’s Green vs Gold three-day match, batter Katie Mack has her eyes set on making the most of longer format cricket.

In February, having announced that a Green vs Gold red ball match would be played in March, it was evident that Cricket Australia will look to provide more domestic opportunities for women in longer formats.

This, along with expanding the Australia A program, shows intent to continue building more pathways for a wider Australian squad.

Selected in the Gold squad, ACT Meteors and Adelaide Strikers batter Katie Mack relished the opportunity to challenge herself with the red ball. She scored 56 off 81 balls in the first innings and seven off 13 balls in the second half of the drawn game.

Mack spoke exclusively to The Inner Sanctum about what the tour game meant for the women’s game and what opportunities it presents for the wider crop of Australian talent.

“I really like it, I probably think of myself as more of a longer format player,” Mack told The Inner Sanctum.

“We [don’t] really get much opportunity to do that with the Women’s game, so I’ve sort of actually probably developed my game to suit the T20 game [and] that higher striking game.

“I think we probably are missing out on a bunch of cricketers that I think would be really good at that format because we just don’t get to experience it, it’s nice that they are putting some emphasis on it now.”

Having not been selected in Australian colours in an official capacity, Mack has played as part of past Australia A squads, she thinks that this emphasis on red ball cricket could see more spots open for a variety of players.

“I think that’s the way the game is going, there may be a little more of a divide between T20 players and one day players and test players,” she continued.

“As you see in the men’s game, their schedule was so packed that they actual rotate between people and [players] are rested, so I think we will see some more spots open and opportunities open up for girls in that Aussie team as it sort of starts to move towards that.”

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With a few mainstay batters recently retiring or soon to retire from the Australian team, many pundits and fans have been surprised that Mack has not be included due to her extensive experience and form in the WBBL and WNCL.

Mack reflected on what she needs to do to earn a maiden Australian senior call-up, stating that if she’s focusing on her own game, it will happen if it happens, but she’s more concerned with her form and contribution to her domestic sides.

“I mean I feel the way I’ve always worked is that I’ve always wanted to be better and better, so I think it’s more of an intrinsic motivation for myself to perform and score runs, that’s what I want to do,” Mack said.

“I sort of understand that that Aussie [selection] stuff is out of my hands and I think first and foremost I want to be enjoying my cricket and winning games and having experiences, which I’m already doing.

“If that leads to an Aussie selection, that’s great, I’d love that but I would say there are a few more steps and a few more focuses to get to that.”

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Having played cricket professionally for the last decade, Mack spoke about what she would like to see change in the women’s cricketing landscape.

“I would probably love some more domestic opportunities, so we have the Big Bash but outside of that we only play 12 games and we train all year for those 12 games,” she explained.

“I’d love us to have more of a fixture and potentially match the men’s with the 14 games they play or at least getting some more one day games.

“I feel like we are probably going to have to increase games to match England as well, they are up and coming and there is a lot of talk about closing the gap [between cricketing nations], but the England fixtures are huge, they have heaps of games.

“I think that’s the next step for us is to get more fixtures, get the girls playing here in Australia, more domestic or more highly competitive domestic fixtures.”

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