Eddie McGuire speaks at the Collingwood AGM. Photo: Collingwood Twitter.

Collingwood's AGM began differently this year, with president Eddie McGuire admitting his use of the word 'proud' was wrong as the club announced the findings of the 'Do Better' review.

Tonight, Collingwood held its Annual General Meeting, a meeting open on Zoom for the highest paying of club members and anyone lucky person who received a link to the meeting.

Usually, the club celebrates the induction of life members, and discusses agendas of the previous year.

For the members and media watching tonight though; they wanted an answer to yesterday’s shocking press conference led by club president Eddie McGuire.

Before commencing the evenings proceedings, McGuire took the opportunity to admit he spoke on behalf of the “Do Better” findings poorly.

“I got it wrong,” McGuire commenced as he admitted the use of the word ‘proud’ was wrong.

He continued to add, “I did not mean we were proud of past instances of racism and the hurt it caused.”

“We are apologetic.”

He emphasised his statement by repeating it twice.

He also believes that the interpretation of what he said was incorrect by listeners.

No offence Ed, but do you blame anyone for ‘misinterpreting’ your press conference?

There was no apology to the clubs past players of colours, let alone an adequate explanation of where the club went wrong and where to improve.

Regardless of whether he meant it or not, yesterday will not be forgotten by the sporting community which was waiting for McGuire’s and the club apology after being found guilty of a history of system racism.

McGuire also added that as a club, they are aware that the past cannot be undone.

Whilst he remains president for the remainder of 2021, he plans on building the foundation for the club to be inclusive of all people.

There has been much said today about whether McGuire should step down from his position earlier than his announced date.

It looks like once again Eddie won’t acknowledge his actions wrong of a president and that a delayed apology and moving on from the incident will not be enough.

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