Adelaide 36ers Next Star Trentyn Flowers with coach CJ Bruton. Picture: Jack Hudson

Adelaide 36ers Next Star Trentyn Flowers with coach CJ Bruton. Picture: Jack Hudson

Adelaide 36ers Next Star Trentyn Flowers said he feels the move to the NBL was ‘the best option’ after decommitting from Louisville.

Flowers hit the court for the first time today at Adelaide 36ers Arena, and said seeing a former 36er Next Star’s journey made the decision that much easier.

“I did see Josh Giddey’s time here, I watched a lot,” he said.

“This program is different from college basketball, but seeing Josh Giddey translate his game from NBL to NBA, it’s been amazing and he’s one of my favourite players to watch.

“College basketball can be a harsh environment, my mentality going towards anything is just to kill it and it’s the same thing coming over here.

“It was just taking everything into account, for me it was being able to be the best player I can be, and take the best step forward for my career.

“I felt this was the best option.”


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Coach CJ Bruton confirmed Flowers would “100 per cent” be the 36ers’ starting point guard, and it’s a challenge he’s ready to take with both hands.

“I’m expecting for it to be physical, but I’m a physical player myself, I’m going to go at it just as hard,” Flowers said.

“I’m exciting, a bit flashy at times, but I’m a utility guy, I’m very versatile, I can pass, dribble and shoot at my size.

“I like to think of myself as a Swiss army knife.

“I grew up playing the point guard, I hit a growth spurt, six, seven, eight inches going into high school, I was able to experiment my game a bit, but now I’m back in my comfortable position.”

Flowers has been in the country for a week, and has already embraced the Australian wildlife, meeting kangaroos.

“It was a great experience, it was a once in a lifetime experience, I was a little bit nervous at first, but I made some friends,” he said.

“Going to sleep at about 6-7pm and waking up at 4am has been a bit different.

“I feel my schedule is going to get more common.”

The 36ers will take on South East Melbourne Phoenix in Mt Gambier next week.

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