Becky Lynch making her entrance before the main event of this week's Monday Night Raw (Picture: WWE)

Becky Lynch has always been one of WWE’s top female performers and a prominent fan favourite, continuously setting the standards in women’s wrestling and aspiring to be the best version of herself.

She recently had her four-year anniversary since becoming “The Man” in 2018, when she led an invasion on Monday Night Raw one week before Survivor Series as the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Lynch was scheduled to compete against her counterpart from the red brand, Ronda Rousey at the Premium Live Event and assaulted her backstage with her signature submission.

The Man then confronted the entire Raw women’s division at the time, before the Smackdown roster entered the fray which led to a brawl between both parties.

During the intense melee, Lynch endured a bone-crushing punch from Nia Jax that resulted in a broken nose and concussion.

The former women’s champion still partook in the brawl and exited the scene into the crowd, showing no indication she was affected by the injuries and rather embraced it.

“The Man” was officially born.

However, she was not medically cleared to compete against Ronda Rousey that weekend and was replaced by Charlotte Flair. Still to this day, a one-on-one between Lynch and the Baddest Woman on the Planet hasn’t happened yet.

Four years after that episode of Monday Night Raw, Lynch reminisced on the career-defining night and spoke about the responsibilities of being “The Man”.

“It means doing everything to the absolute best of your ability,” she said.

“Whatever that is, whatever the obstacles are, be that a broken shoulder or, be that trying to juggle parenting on the road while writing a book and doing acting projects.

“It’s a matter of putting everything that you have into what you’re doing at that moment. What it means to be The Man has evolved over the years for me.

“I couldn’t be happier at the place that I’ve arrived at now. I feel more like The Man than I ever have.”

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Fast forward to 2022, Lynch was ruled out of action with a shoulder injury after SummerSlam and made her remarkable return on Smackdown the night before Survivor Series.

She was revealed as the last woman to join Bianca Belair’s team for the women’s WarGames match and discussed her joy of being healthy, but also admitted her nervousness.

“It felt amazing to be out in front of the crowd again and how electric that was, in such a wild capacity as WarGames,” Lynch said.

“That’s a match that I’ve never done before and it’s a very daunting match. You’ve got two rings, you’ve got a giant cage and anything goes.

“Truth be told, my shoulder still isn’t feeling right. So to say I was nervous is probably a bit of an understatement.

“But once you get out there, once you get in front of the crowd and you feel that energy, then you forget everything else.

“There’s not another feeling like it.”

Becky Lynch and Bayley inside WarGames (Picture: WWE)

One opponent that Lynch briefly crossed paths with inside the WarGames match was Rhea Ripley, who was competing alongside Damage CTRL and Nikki Cross.

The Man and The Eradicator came across each other again during this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, engaging in an intense staredown and teasing a future rivalry that is growing with anticipation.

Lynch commented on the situation and while she praised Ripley, she declared that she is still the woman to beat and revealed there could be a deeper story to tell if a feud came to fruition.

“I think Rhea is one of the greatest female athletes that we’ve ever seen. I think she’s incredible,” she said.

“She is so young, so full of potential. I look at her and I go ‘well, that’s the future of the business and the business is in good hands.

“She’s the future but I’m still the present. There can only be one Man around the place.

“If I have to put her in her place then I’ll put her in her place.

“Plus she’s hanging around with somebody that I know pretty well. In fact, somebody that taught me nearly everything that I know.

“There’s an interesting dynamic there because she’s got Finn Bálor in her corner. I’ve known Finn for over 20 years, so it would be interesting to see what side he would take, you know, if push came to shove.”

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley confront each other before the latter’s match (Picture: WWE)

It can be said that both Lynch and Ripley are two hot favourites to win the women’s Royal Rumble match, competing for an opportunity to face a world champion of their choosing at WrestleMania 39.

The Man won her respective Royal Rumble match in 2019 and could repeat history next year, which may be an avenue WWE could take if they wish to pursue the long-awaited singles clash between Lynch and Rousey.

Speaking about WWE’s next Premium Live Event which is set for January 29, Lynch revealed her hopes and expectations for the annual battle royal.

“I mean, you always hope to win,” she said.

“If you’re entering the Royal Rumble, then you always hope to win. So that’s the plan.

“Win the Royal Rumble and go on to Main Event at WrestleMania twice. That’s the goal.”

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