Looking to play Supercoach BBL this season but not sure where to start? Our how-to guide has you covered!

Are you wondering how to play SuperCoach BBL this season? With lockout just around the corner, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re not familiar with the basics of it – and how it’s different from the classic SuperCoach AFL – The Inner Sanctum here to walk you through everything you need to know before it all kicks off on December 5.

Let’s get started.

How to play SuperCoach BBL: Team Layout

This is the very best place to start in SuperCoach BBL, and in traditional cricket fashion, you’ll have 11 spots to fill on your field – the source of your SuperCoach BBL score.

This is broken down into three positions, with one wicketkeeper, five batsmen and five bowlers.

There are also five bench spots: one for a ‘keeper, and two spots each for batsmen and bowlers. Three of these, in positions you choose, will be emergencies for your SuperCoach BBL side.

A blank canvas

From here, it’s all up to you as to how you select your team. But here are a few strategies we’ve found helpful in my experience playing SuperCoach BBL.

How to play SuperCoach BBL: Best strategies for picking your team

As in AFLSC, you have the ability to select some players in multiple positions.

From our SuperCoach BBL experience, dual-position availability has been particularly helpful in my decision-making when it comes to trading and picking a team.

In SuperCoach BBL, all wicketkeepers automatically have batsman status, while there are plenty of players who can be selected as all-rounders – as a batsman or a bowler.

We’ve found dual-position players (DPPs) to be some of the most effective point-scorers, due to their numerous scoring avenues.

For example, Marnus Labuschagne ($247,900 BAT/BWL) was one of the most prominent point scorers in BBL|10, due to his high batting position and that he was bowling three overs per game.

Now, you’re unlikely to be able to successfully pick a team full of all-rounders, but when picking your team, my first SuperCoach BBL tip is to look for players with a variety of scoring avenues.

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Another good option is batsmen with a position in the top three or four for their team. They’re good point-scoring chances as they’re far more likely to get a bat – and score points from doing so – than the rest of their team.

When picking batsmen, also consider those who are known for a high strike rate – there’s a bonus for players who can score runs quickly!

On the opposite hand, look for bowlers who take lots of wickets, or go for very few runs. There’s an economy rate bonus for bowlers who are particularly frugal, so this kind of dependability – spin bowlers in particular come to mind here – is something to look for when picking your team.

Another type of bowler to look for is one who bowls at the death – they’re a risk of going for runs, but with batsmen going harder at the ball in the power surge and the last few overs, they’re a good chance to pick up a few wickets too.

When choosing your bench, try to look for a good mix of players who are starting at a low price but will play – this is great for cash generation and it’s always useful to have options to fall back on if one of your starters is a late out, or even if your side is impacted by the fixture.

For wicketkeepers in particular, we always look to have at least two in my side, so you’re able to shuffle them around according to the fixture and you’re not left staring down the barrel of a donut.

Keep in mind as well – if you’re looking to loophole your captain and vice-captain, make sure you’ve got a player to loophole with! The lowest-priced players in SuperCoach BBL are just $42,000, so it’s easy to squeeze one into your team when you’re close to finalising it.

How to play SuperCoach BBL: Trading

We’ve covered the strategies for picking your initial SuperCoach BBL team, so now let’s look at how best to maintain your team from round to round.

Players’ prices will change immediately after round one, so if you’re keen to maximise your trading flexibility and generate some cash for your team, keep an eye on player breakevens.

The trading element of SuperCoach BBL is somewhat higher maintenance than in AFLSC, as the rounds are far shorter and have a much faster turnaround.

You’ll often have less than 24 hours to complete your trades before the next round begins, so there’s a bit more urgency in making sure your team is fit and firing heading into the next round.

Another key point in this is that the fixtures aren’t necessarily consistent like in AFLSC. It goes both ways, however, as teams will have byes, but some will also play twice.

This is where SuperCoach BBL gets fun. Your trade allowance enables you to make the maximum three trades in every round, so you can trade to your heart’s content.

But be smart, sometimes trading in too many players with double game rounds isn’t the best long-term strategy.

This is, however, a key part of SuperCoach BBL, and another key tip: Pay attention to the fixtures.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but having a good feel for the fixture, and even a rough plan for how you’re going to trade in the rounds ahead, is a handy asset to your SuperCoach BBL team.

Here’s how the SuperCoach BBL rounds are broken down for BBL|11:

The second part of this tip is to pay attention to the squads.

Keep a good eye on each team’s squads as they are announced, and even the teams’ playing XIs (including the X-Factor sub!) as they’ve been known to ruin a few SuperCoaches’ rounds if a player is dropped or injured.

Particularly when making your trades, paying attention to the squads and playing XIs is something you want to make sure you do, so you can be confident in the trades you’re making.

Another element to this is to pay attention to squads for international cricket and other T20 leagues, as some players will only play parts of the season due to commitments elsewhere.

While it might be nice to have a big-name international player in your SuperCoach BBL side, make sure you’re familiar with their availability throughout the tournament – you don’t want a rude shock when they’re suddenly unavailable!

How to play SuperCoach BBL: Captains and Vice-Captains

Nailing your captaincy selections down on weeks where teams play more than once is vital when looking to boost your score as high as possible.

And this is heaven for you as a SuperCoach – double the games equals double the points, but double the points as Captain means quadruple the points!

The smart option is to look to captain a player with a double-game round, and in some cases you’ll even be able to loophole your captain with another player who’s got the double.

The tricky thing with captaincy, and even SuperCoach BBL in general, though, is that players can just as easily have a bad game as they can a good one, so pick your captains and matchups carefully!

How to play SuperCoach BBL: Point Scoring

With all the talk of double points and scoring avenues, it’s time to take a look at how the scoring system works in SuperCoach BBL.

All of cricket’s disciplines – batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping – are avenues through which a player can score points, so consider how your team will score its points when you’re selecting your players!

The basics of runs, wickets and catches all come into calculations when determining a player’s score, but there’s a bit more to it than just the basics. Things like strike rates, economy rates, and even bonuses for wickets and runs come into it too.

Here’s how the scoring system works:

Point Scoring: Batting

Runs1 point per run scored
Run bonus10 points for 50+ runs
20 points for 100+ runs
Strike rate bonus (120-129)5 points
Strike rate bonus (130-139)10 points
Strike rate bonus (140-149)15 points
Strike rate bonus (150-159)20 points
Strike rate bonus (160+)25 points

Players must score 20 or more runs to activate the strike rate bonus.

Point Scoring: Fielding

Catch10 points
Run out20 points
Stumping15 points

Point Scoring: Bowling

Wickets10 points per wicket
Wicket bonus10 points for every 3 wickets taken
Maiden overs15 points per maiden over bowled
Dot balls1 point per dot ball bowled
Extras conceded-1 point for every wide/no ball bowled
Economy bonus (7-8 rpo)5 points
Economy bonus (6-7 rpo)10 points
Economy bonus (5-6 rpo)15 points
Economy bonus (4-5 rpo)20 points
Economy bonus (≤4 rpo)25 points

Bowlers must bowl three or more overs to activate the economy bonus.

There’s all you need to know for how to play SuperCoach BBL!

Make sure to keep an eye on The Inner Sanctum for more SuperCoach BBL content as the season rolls out, and follow us on twitter at @SCSanctum to stay in the loop!

Until next time, Happy SuperCoaching!

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