Jaylen Adams is one of the most owned players in NBL SuperCoach. (Image: Sydney Kings/X)

The NBL24 season is almost here and SuperCoach has partnered with the league in being part of the fantasy sports game experience. 

The partnership was announced on the 9th of August, and two weeks later on the 24th of August, SuperCoach NBL launched for everyone to play ahead of the season opener on the 28th of September. 

How to play SuperCoach NBL

Each team has a salary cap of $2 million, being a roster of five starters and five reserve players made up of guards, forwards and centres.

What separates SuperCoach NBL from the other SuperCoach partnerships is that only 50 per cent of the reserves’ total scoring is in your overall scoring.

The NBL version will also include the standard SuperCoach features such as trades, trade assist, trade boosts and team optimiser. 

The point scoring system for SuperCoach NBL has been confirmed as the following:

Points scored (per point): 1 point

Rebound: 1 point

Assist: 2 points

Steal: 3 points

Block: 3 points

Turnover: -2 points

Double Double: 5 points

Triple Double: 10 points 

Best strategies for picking your team

Team layout is very important, and in basketball fashion, you will have five spots to fill – almost all of your SuperCoach NBL score.

This is divided into three positions – two guards, two forwards and one centre. 

There are also five bench spots: two guards, two forwards and one centre. 

From our experience, picking players who are safe assurances and have the chance to increase in price with big performances has helped our progression through the course of a season in other SuperCoach competitions.

For example, Luke Travers ($276,300 GRD/FWD) for his price has the guard and forward dual position, which can create flexibility in the lineup and will have the ball in his hands more due to signing with Melbourne United this off-season. 

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With the launch of SuperCoach NBL, here are the teams a few of The Inner Sanctum writers with the teams they selected.

Kye Ferreira 

When picking my team, having financial flexibility, and picking players I expect to start the season well were at the top of my priorities.


Jaylen Adams was a must-have for me, being the go-to guy on the defending championship side and being so entertaining to watch every game. From a SuperCoach perspective, he is a safe option to pick from because he is a high-usage guard and effective at having his way with scoring consistently.

Trentyn Flowers has been confirmed by the Adelaide 36ers to be the starting point guard. Only being signed two weeks ago, the 6’8 point guard has similarities at this stage of his career to Australian Boomer Josh Giddey. 

AJ Johnson has a lot of star potential and with opportunity, could really be anything at the Illawarra Hawks. The only concern I have is about his minutes and whether he is going to run the offence when he is on the court, which is why he is currently on my bench. 

Taran Armstrong has joined the Taipans and has high wraps on his game at a young age. One of the big disadvantages of bringing him in is that he might not get a lot of minutes and the season starts while they are finishing their pre-season games on the road against NBA teams.  

With DJ Hogg and Keanu Pinders having signed with different teams, the chance to be the star of the team is wide open and the 18-year-old guard could be worth keeping the whole year.


Luke Travers moving to Melbourne United and being the number one scoring option on his team considering his price of $276,300 is super valuable at the start of the season. 

The forward also has a dual position as a guard, which can create trade scenarios to boost the scoring for your team while keeping him.

In the pre-season game against California Baptist University in August, Travers had 11 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, 6 blocks, 5 turnovers, and 1 foul in 27 minutes. With the scoring system in NBL SC, that means he would have scored 48 points. These stats are the type of games we could realistically get from Travers even when he does not have his scoring touch.

The Canberra product Alex Toohey has a lot of high wraps before any NBL games. With key championship players having left to play overseas in Europe or the NBA, the 19-year-old could have playing time from day one on the Kings looking for their third consecutive title. 

I have concerns about whether he is starting from tip-off or on the bench, and that could be the difference between having him on my super coach team or going for someone cheaper who will be getting minutes guaranteed, but for now, the Kings rising star will be on my team.

Finn Delany’s return to New Zealand is a huge boost after the Breakers’ run to the grand final series last season. However, his history on the Breakers averaging 5 points coming off the bench could make him easily overpriced if he is getting 15-20 minutes a night.

If Delany is starting and playing 30 minutes a game, he could easily average 15-20 points a game, and have 5-6 boards a night, making him a 25-point average without considering games where he could shoot lights out or contribute on the defensive end with steals or blocks. 

The optimism I have for Delany’s base per game average in comparison to other guys who are more expensive is up there for the solid price of $202,200.

Lachlan Olbrich is returning to Australia from college ball playing for the University of California, Riverside, where he averaged 11.5 points and grabbed 6 boards a night in 27 minutes per game for the Highlanders. For being $69,000 on SuperCoach, the South Australian prospect is a must-have, as the Hawks could potentially see him having playing time right away alongside Sam Froling. 

The talented 6’10 centre with the forward dual position had a lot of foul trouble and a high turnover rate in college, which could get him sitting on the bench really quickly in the NBL, and having a negative score in SC if his shot and touch around the rim is not going his way.


Keanu Pinder as the big man playing with guard Bryce Cotton could be very exciting not just basketball-wise, but also in SuperCoach. Before being injured and ruled out of the remainder of last season playing for Cairns Taipans, Pinder averaged 16 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal per game playing 29 minutes a night. With decreased ball-handling duties, his turnovers cut down and more opportunities for scoring and grabbing rebounds at the start of the season could increase the number of teams that allocate captaincy on the forward.

Alexander Sarr has NBA draft pick material and with his rim play and protection ability, he could be a player that quickly increases in price, especially if he is starting. The 2024 lottery projected talent also has a dual position as a forward, making him a solid backup option in that position as well.

Jackson Mansell (Delly’s Deli)

In what was a difficult task, I wanted to select a team that would be able to get maximum points in their respective positions, getting as many quality players on the side. If done successfully, this will help me to get the best players I can in each position early in the season. 

Bryce Cotton and Keanu Pinder were the two locks in my team that I wanted to build Delly’s Deli around, meaning I had to make some sacrifices in terms of secondary players that I used. Tweaks still need to be made (a lot of it will depend on the availability of Luke Travers) but I believe that my team is strong to begin with. 


Fresh off his move west from the Cairns Taipans, forward Keanu Pinder is the first forward for Delly’s Deli. Averaging a near double-double per game last season, Pinder will headline a new-look frontcourt, set to cash in on the change in scenery. 

Sydney Kings signing Jonah Bolden will partner the two-time Most Improved Player in the frontcourt. The former NBA big man should relish in the Australian competition, hopefully bringing the same athleticism he did for the 76ers. 

JackJumper Will Magnay will man the bench as my main scoring outlet after an impressive 2022/23 campaign. 


Next-Gen star Alexandre Sarr leads a cheap-buy middle sector. The Frenchman is projected to be a top 20 draft pick in the next NBA Draft, meaning he will try to do all he can to impress the scouts. The $115,000 price tag makes him a valuable buy. 

Dane Pineau is the backup centre for Delly’s Deli. Hopefully, the former Phoenix rebounder can play more minutes for the Breakers, giving the 29-year-old an opportunity to put up similar numbers to the 2019/20 season. 


It goes without saying that Bryce Cotton is a must-have player in NBL SuperCoach. Known for his high-scoring performances, the Wildcat will generate a lot of easy points. Despite costing almost a quarter of my salary, the three-time MVP is almost a lock for captain each week.

Luke Travers is my secondary guard after an impressive 2022/23 season and an even better NBA Summer League stint. Averaging 7.5 points and 6.3 rebounds per game throughout the tournament, the United youngster will add another dimension to the Victorian side. Set to play the same role Xavier Cooks did for the Sydney Kings last year, Travers can have a similar output if he remains in Australia for the season. 

Coming off the bench is Trentyn Flowers who has committed to the Adelaide 36ers after leaving Louisville. Also expected to be in the top 20 for the 2024 NBA Draft, Flowers will be looking to put his best foot forward. 

Dylan Costa (Glori Hunter) 

My team is a mixture of guaranteed locks for high points based on previous seasons, new players with plenty to prove and young guns who will potentially rise in value as they score NBL SuperCoach points. 


It is go big or go home in the starting lineup and that starts with the forwards; first up, I have elected to go with Keanu Pinder. He is set to shine for his new club after finishing a strong season for the Cairns Tapains, where he averaged 16.9 points per game, 9.3 rebounds per game and 1.3 steals per game. Playing alongside the likes of Bryce Cotton will only enhance his game further and he is set to score big this season, while he is versatile in SC as he can also be moved to the centre position. 

Alongside him, new Sydney Kings recruit, Denzel Valentine, will be looking to start the season strongly; his goal is to impress in the NBL to earn a call back to the NBA. He will be a playmaker for the Kings, getting involved in play as much as possible and will hope to use his NBA experience with the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz to his advantage. He also doubles up as a guard and can be switched to that position in SC. 

New Sydney Kings Head Coach, Mahmoud Abdelfattah, has said he will rotate and experiment with his lineup, which will give players like Klarius Amir a chance to impress early. At just over $58k, Amir could be a steal at a budget price, where his value could increase if he impresses early, while he also doubles as a guard. 

Lastly, Akoldah Gak arrived at Cairns and could be another prospect with the potential for returns and a price rise, while he also doubles as a centre. The 21-year-old is tipped to have a good season following his move from the Illawarra Hawks. Expect the 6’11 forward to turn plenty of heads this season. 


Will Magnay is the first off the ranks as my starting centre; the Tasmania JackJumper has shown marked improvement and is set for an even bigger season this year. Expect him to earn modest returns where if he can build into the season, could be a real price riser. He also adds flexibility, doubling as a forward. 

NBA draft prospect and NBL Next Star, 18-year-old Alexandre Sarr will be one to watch this season for the Perth Wildcats. Alongside the likes of Pinder and Cotton, he could not only develop well but also provide plenty of returns in both offence and defence. Standing at 7’1, his height and ability should see him impress this season, while for SC, he can also be deployed as a forward. 


A must-have in the guard position is Bryce Cotton – he averaged the most points per outing of any player last season with 23.4, played more average minutes than anyone else with 36.4 and is poised to have an even bigger NBL24 campaign. Look for him to provide returns regardless of the opposition, where he will run the floor and set up plenty of opportunities to score SC points. 

Former NBA Champion and current Melbourne United player Ian Clark is a smart pick-up at just over $226k. 

The former Sydney King and Adelaide 36er will be a dynamo in the front court who will provide and score. He will enter the NBL24 season with a full pre-season under his belt, which will only further his play; he could be a sure pick-up this season. 

Another NBL Next Star in Trenton Flowers is another who could be an overlooked player for the starting role in an SC team. With his size at 206cm, he will run the floor, provide plenty of attacking flair and look to impress potential suitors this season. 

Finally, Cairns Taipans’ Taran Armstrong will be a passing threat this season and has a good percentage from beyond the arc. One of the cheapest players in SC at just $69k, he is a riser who, if given game time, will provide good returns for his price, allowing for even more moves throughout the season. 

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