How to play AFLW Fantasy

How to play AFLW Fantasy. Photos: Geelong Cats; Fremantle Dockers

There's a new way to support your favourite AFLW players across the season - AFLW Fantasy.

After a long off-season, the 2022 AFLW season is around the corner and there’s a new way to support your favourite players across the competition – AFLW Fantasy.

Created by two-time AFL Fantasy Classic champion team Moreira’s Magic, AFLW Fantasy has been a long time coming for the women’s football community and there’s $5,000 on offer for the winner of the competition.

So, how do you play the game?

How to play AFLW Fantasy: The objective

The aim of AFLW Fantasy is to score the most points as possible per week based on real-life players that you have in your fantasy team.

Like AFLW teams, your side is comprised of 16 players on-field and 5 on the interchange bench. This includes 6 defenders, 6 midfielders, 2 rucks and 6 forwards with one of each sitting on your interchange, plus a utility spot.

These bench players won’t score for your side unless a player on your field doesn’t play in that round.

Each player’s statistics in the AFLW translates to points in the fantasy game.

Scoring System

StatisticKickHandballMarkTackleHit-outFree kick forFree kick againstGoalBehind

Salary Cap

The game would be too easy if you could just stack your side with the best scoring players in the league, so there’s a fantasy salary cap that mirrors the AFLW salary cap of $717,100 for the 2022 season.

Players are priced according to their 2021 fantasy average, with Fremantle star Kiara Bowers the most expensive player in the game at $91,100. The midfielder averaged a staggering 108 points per game last season and is currently owned by 37.6% of AFLW Fantasy coaches.

The salary cap means your side needs to be made up of premiums such as Bowers, rookies such as Georgie Prespakis ($20,100), and mid-priced players that you think will become stars in 2022.

A player’s price will change from Round 1 depending on their points, meaning players will rise in value if they outscore their price. This is especially relevant to rookies as their low price means they will rise quickly. This will give coaches a larger salary cap to use as the season progresses to utilise trades.

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In AFLW Fantasy coaches will be given 3 trades to use or lose after each round.

This gives coaches the opportunity to bring in players that are performing well, off-load rookies who have risen in price, and eventually mould your side into the highest scoring players in the game.

It’s impossible to start with the 16 highest averaging players at the start of the season but – through trading – your side can eventually reach that stage.


Each week, coaches can choose a Captain for their side that score double points – this player should be who you think will score the most points in that round.

A Vice-Captain will also be available – that player won’t have their score affected unless your Captain doesn’t play. In that case, their score is doubled.

How to play AFLW Fantasy: Prizes

Each round the highest scoring team stands to take home $100, while the second-placed runner up across the season will take home $300 and third-placed will get $100.

The winner of AFLW Fantasy for 2022 will get $5000!

You can head to AFLW Fantasy here right now to make your team for free.

Need a helping hand? Here’s my team! (Subject to change dependant on Round 1 team selection!)

How to play AFLW Fantasy.

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