How do the Crows rise from the bottom?

Will Brad Crouch be at West Lakes next year? Picture:

It’s probably a question a few people would love to put into Google and see an answer, but how do the Crows rise from the bottom?

It’s certainly not going to happen this year, which could be a good thing. It means a top pick to build the next generation around.

Adelaide’s loss to Fremantle, while disappointing, showed a lot of signs of improvement, but plenty of pure frustration.

In a rebuild, you need the senior players to set an example, to be the classy movers and to help push the younger brigade to the next step.

Yet, that didn’t happen in the slightest, no matter how much the stats sheet flatter both Matt and Brad Crouch.

The reality is, the duo made many basic errors which resulted in turnovers and shots at goal for the Dockers.

Tom Lynch kicked into the man on the mark for a late set shot which resulted in the final nail in the coffin down the other end.

Lachie Murphy’s set shot kicking was woeful early on while the Crows were playing beautiful attacking football.

Taylor Walker had another tough day, but as has been heard many, many times, games are won in the midfield.

Sloppy ball work, slow movement and poor play have all been a regular feature in the Crows’ game, especially in the guts.

Now it’s time to focus on the positives.

In the Crows’ games since the restart of the AFL season, they have kicked just 20 goals in four games of football.

But, the loss to the Dockers was the most scoring shots they’ve had since the restart as well, with 14.

The Inside 50 count has been atrocious in recent weeks, with Port beating them 30-57, the Suns 28-56 and the Lions 28-60.

For the first time since the restart, the Crows had over 30 Inside 50s, finishing the game with 42 to Fremantle’s 43.

Poor kicking is poor football, and that showed on the scoresheet, but there is improvement.

For the rebuild to work, more players will probably leave and there’ll be more opportunity given to youth.

Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker, Tom Lynch and Daniel Talia will be vital to have there to guide the next generation through.

The Crows need to cash in on one of the Crouch brothers as they are too similar – great players, but accumulators who don’t do a great deal of damage.

Get another first round draft pick in and go hard at rebuilding your list.

Putting games into Chayce Jones, Ned McHenry, Will Hamill, Shane McAdam, Billy Frampton, Darcy Fogarty and Fischer McAsey among others has been smart.

But the Crows are lacking a break the pack midfielder, who can hit a key forward up. Similar to a Fyfe, Bontempelli or dare I say it, Dangerfield.

Chayce Jones has the assets to develop into that game breaker, but they need another.

Their defence will improve with the talent they have in there, but if they get that midfield injection, they’ll win games of football.

Spend the money to get a class player in to guide this side back to September, and not one who’s at the end of his career.

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