Avondale were revealed as one of the eight inaugural teams of Football Australia's National Second Tier. Photo Credit: Brett Costello/Football Australia

Avondale Football Group have announced a historic partnership between Avondale FC and LaLiga through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU will see a flow of knowledge and expertise from the Spanish league into Avondale, and elevate the game through mutual collaborations between the two.

Avondale, who are the current NPL Victoria champions, were recently announced as one of the inaugural clubs of Football Australia’s National Second Tier.

Avondale FC is one of eight foundation clubs for the NST competition (Photo: Poletti / The Inner Sanctum)

Avondale FC’s president Anthony Wardan said the club was pleased with the MOU.

“Following a historic season and recently being announced as a National Second Tier Foundation Club, we are extremely pleased to add to our growth with a new partnership with LaLiga,” he said.

“LaLiga’s unparalleled expertise will assist to enhance our capabilities, nurture talent, and contribute to the vibrant growth of football in Australia.

“Together, we will embark on shaping the future of the game we love and reinforcing Avondale FC’s position as a beacon of football excellence.”

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The Managing Director of LALIGA for Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and Australia, Iván Codina said the MOU signified commitment to developing football beyond Spanish barriers through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with Avondale FC to elevate football development at this crucial moment in their history in Australian professional football, taking advantage of the experience we have after more than 90 years leading professional football in Spain,” Codina said.

The LaLiga delegate for Australia and New Zealand, Glen Rolls said LaLiga are excited about the announcement.

“At LALIGA we are very excited about the announcement of this agreement,” Rolls said.

“We have been very impressed with the vision of Avondale FC for the future and through this MOU we hope to make an impact and help towards growing the game in what is one of the fastest growing regions of Australia.”

Avondale’s media release said the MOU will see both parties will work towards growing football participation and improving youth development pathways for aspiring boys and girls across Victoria.

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