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The Hawthorn Football Club has set up a program that will make going to the footy for everyone much easier.

The Hawthorn Football club announced the introduction of its hidden disabilities program that will take place at home games across the season.

The hidden disabilities program aims to help people living with invisible disabilities and their families make it as easy as possible to go an enjoy the football.

For those who sign up for the program, they will receive a sunflower lanyard so they are easily identifiable by Hawthorn match day staff.

Members of the program will also receive a sensory map, that labels high sensory areas and low sensory areas.

The map will allow for members of the program to find their way through the stadium and prepare for loud crowd noises.

There will also be a sensory room set up, in case the game is to be overwhelming there is a safe space for those in the program can go and escape from the loud noises and the sensory overload.


By creating this program Hawthorn is allowing there to be a safe space for people with invisible disabilities and being able to support the team that they love.

Hawthorn Football Club chief executive Justin Reeves confirmed the program would be rolled out across all Hawthorn’s home games both in Melbourne and Launceston.

“As a club we have a responsibility to ensure every member of the Hawthorn family feels valued, respected and included,” he said.

“The aim of the program is to take the stress out of attending the football. By making it easier for people of all abilities to attend games we hope to bring the excitement of live football to more of our loyal Hawthorn members and fans.”

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