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Will Glenn Maxwell stay fit enough to help Australia to World Cup glory? Picture: wallpapers.com

I think we're going out there. you're just gonna try and play your best cricket on the day. If it doesn't quite work, then turn up the next game and try and do the same thing.

Despite managing an injured ankle, Glenn Maxwell will still be playing a pivotal role in the Cricket World Cup, which gets underway this week.

With a long tournament ahead, Maxwell spoke about the potential of being in quieter spots on the field to protect the injury.

“It’s going to be tough [to be in quieter spots] because I really want to be in the play all the time,” he said ahead of Sunday’s opening match against India.

“I think its just something we’ll manage depending on how I’m going, I think its just going to be painful over the next little bit, but its nothing that’s going to stop me from physically performing out there and running around.

“It’s just going to be one of those things, it might be sore for an over or two, but if i can get through that, I know, especially after tonight (warm-up match against Pakistan) I know that that it’s going to free up and start to loosen up and I’ll be fine to go and once I get moving it’s absolutely fine.”

When Maxwell takes to the field on Sunday, he and several others will be playing in their third World Cup, and he talked about what it represented for the group.

“Every World Cup has been a bit different, obviously the home World Cup we had our own pressures, with it being the home World Cup, so many expectations,” he said.

“We were flying at that stage, and we were deserved favourites. And I think there was that pressure that we were sort of always trying to shelve every game and just concentrate on what we could do.

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“And then, obviously, 2019, there was a different shift. It was like, backs were against the wall the whole time. [it] felt like we were fighting everyone and we did really well to get to the semis, unfortunately, just probably a bad toss to lose, they had a little bit more spice in the wicket when they bowled and unfortunately, that was the end of it.

“But then you come to this one, India, where I feel like most of our side has had so much experience, so much time over here [that] you’re used to the cultures.

“You’re used to the little intricacies that come with being a tourist over here. And I suppose it’s just a bit different. It doesn’t feel as much of a home advantage as it probably has in past years.

“I remember the first few years when we came over here, it really did feel foreign. But I’d say there’s guys in here that would have done more than 10 tours to India, spend probably upwards of three months, pretty much every year here, so it’s not as foreign, and it feels a lot more of an open World Cup where anyone can win.

“And these conditions might bring everyone into it as well, so there’s that sort of excitement.

“I think it’s probably relaxed everyone a little bit. I think we’re going out there. you’re just gonna try and play your best cricket on the day. If it doesn’t quite work, then turn up the next game and try and do the same thing.

The Cricket World Cup kicks off on Thursday.

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