Aaron Rodgers unveiled as the New York Jets' new signing. (Photo: New York Jets)

The year is 1969. Miami is the setting for one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history as the New York Jets topple the ‘invincible’ Baltimore Colts 16-7.

For those Jets fans who were fortunate enough to witness the franchise’s first and only Lombardy crown will reminisce with an awe of fondness.

That moment was 54 years ago, however the current generation of supporters can only get as close to tasting success from reading books and stories online about that famous victory.

Joe Namath, the most illustrious quarterback to wear the green and white, was part of that heroic group who ascended New York to heights never seen again to this day.

“We’re a better team than Baltimore,” Namath said before the game, keeping in mind that the Jets went into the match as an 18-point underdog.

That didn’t stop the then 26-year-old from taking the game by the scruff of the neck and winning the Super Bowl MVP.

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The Jets have failed to assemble a locker room with that charisma since arguably the days of the championship-winning side.

From the failed experiments of Sam Darnold and Zach Wilson, the Jets have been nothing short of an embarrassment since the last time they qualified for the playoffs in 2010.

Lifeless and toothless with no real identity, they have simply been going through the motions where since their last playoff appearance, have managed an abysmal win-loss record of 70-124.

An underwhelming roster coupled with poor coaching and questionable trades has resulted in a depressing pitfall.

That depression quickly turned into delirium as the Jets announced the stunning trade of future hall-of-fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Sure, the 39-year-old may be past his prime which was so devastating for the Green Bay Packers, but the former MVP and Super Bowl champion still has the weapons to produce moments of brilliance.

The Jets finally have a recognised superstar in a position that they have struggled to uncover.

Despite Rodgers’ valuable experience, can they handle the weight of unfamiliar expectations?

Many expect the Jets to give the Buffalo Bills a fair run for their money in the AFC East and perhaps clinch the division.

That remains a huge possibility due to the defensive foundations set carrying over from last campaign, as the Jets ranked fourth in defence after finishing last in that same department just one year earlier.

The likes of Quinnen Williams, and cornerbacks Sauce Gardner and DJ Reed contributed to conceding an average of 18.6 points per game.

Add in multiple second-year players who will have another full pre-season under their belts, Jets coach Robert Saleh is going to be under more pressure to ensure this squad fulfils its potential.

The news gets better with the acquisition of explosive running back Dalvin Cook who will look to form a deadly partnership with Rodgers.

Converting on third downs and being more efficient offensively has been a weak point over the years for the Jets.

Rodgers’ presence however will undoubtedly make everyone else better around him.

It could be the spark and the extra lift that this organisation has been desperately crying out for.

As anticipation and excitement escalate with good reason, the upcoming season is going to depend a lot upon the mental side of the coin.

Supporters from The Big Apple are notoriously known for their persistent demand to live up to the hype where winning is everything.

When things start to go pear-shaped, that will represent a true indication of whether this team can rally against criticism.

Shortly we will find out whether the pressure will impact the Jets in a positive or negative respect. 

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