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The Firebirds weren't able to capitalise on opportunity in their loss against the undefeated West Coast Fever at Nissan Arena.

The Queensland Firebirds weren’t able to get the job done against an undefeated West Coast Fever outfit. (69-79)

Firebirds players Kim Jenner and Romelda Aiken spoke to the media post game on the loss.

The Firebirds got lots of ball back and cause the turnover but unfortunately they weren’t able to convert.

“We had it there so many times and we just let it go out of our reach,” Jenner said.

“There’s lots to take away from that game and obviously we’re all disappointed, it will be a tough week this week on the training court and we’ll hit it really hard next week against Swifts.”

When coming up against a tall holding shooter like Jhaniele Fowler defenders need to shake it up in their approach.

“I guess it’s just being more dynamic coming off the body and working as a unit in there to win the ball once it’s going in, it’s going in. So we’ve got to make sure that we’re really dynamic in our defence.”

It’s hard to beat Fowler as a one on one opponent, coming into the game the Firebirds did work on applying the pressure out the front before the ball goes into Fowler.

“I guess coming into the game we knew we had to do the work out the front to defend all the way down the court.

“I think our attackers did a great job contributing to our defensive pressure at times and there were times where we slacked off a little bit.

“We knew that coming into the game and we didn’t execute that for the full sixty minutes.”

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The Firebirds were in touch with the Fever for most of the game but Firebirds shooter Romelda Aiken said that it was the sides ‘brain farts’ that were a killer.

A win would be nice today even though I think when we were doing our job we were on but it’s just sometimes you know you get brain farts and it doesn’t really go your way,” Aiken said.

“They’re on top of the ladder I think us as a team, we did fairly well we just got to be aware of those lapse and crucial turnovers we need to score off.

“I think if you look at our first quarter we had them and then it was just the little lapse that was it.

“I think for us we’ve been working on it all year it’s just like when we get a turnover we need to treasure that and whenever we have lapses what’s next and if we turn a ball over we’re like great let’s move on to the next one.

“I think that’s what we did last week against the Lightning.”

Coming into the halfway mark of the season the Firebirds have only one-two games so for the Firebirds every game is make or break.

We get to play everyone again so it’s kind of like we have to start winning from the Swifts game and that will put us in a good position but yeah every game we’re on the line. Aiken said.

The Firebirds will fly to Sydney to take on their rivals in the New South Wales Swifts in a state of origin clash.

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