The Fever will be looking to reload against the Lightning next week. (Photo: West Coast Fever/Twitter)

The West Coast Fever are disappointed after missing out on the double chance, but haven't lost the belief that the side can go deep into finals.

The West Coast Fever came within two points of claiming a finals double chance and the minor premiership after going down to the Giants. (73-75)

The Fever lead the Giants after the first quarter 25-19, but the Giants got on a roll in the second quarter which continued well into the third.

Coach Stacey Marinkovich was disappointed in her side’s missed opportunity in claiming the elusive double chance, but was quick to point out that they’ve made the grand final from this position before.

“It’s something that would have come in handy [the double chance], and certainly we wanted to go out there and finish off the rounds playing some good netball,” Marinkovich said.

“At the end of the day, our aim was to make finals and we’ve done an incredible job coming from where we were. We put out a good performance but we needed to refine and keep adjusting a few things.

“To be honest, we’ve made two grand finals coming from this position. Your initial thought was it’s an opportunity being missed… Fever likes its back up against the wall, and take on the opportunities that present themselves.”

There were moments in the game that the Fever were able to regain possession from turnovers and deflections, but the Giants were better at winning it back.

“I think it was a really attacking game, both sides were getting good ball to the post and obviously finishing off strong,” Marinkovich said.

“There are some things that we needed to adjust as a complete team defensively to get better impact on their play, and I think we got it in some key moments. We’ve got to treasure that ball and take it through.

“Giants played a controlled and high possession game, and it’s something that we have to look at to give ourselves more opportunity to apply more pressure.”

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Fever are normally one of the most settled line-ups throughout matches, but Marinkovich today looked to her bench and wasn’t afraid to shake things up.

“Our changes came to disrupt the play and to spark something a little bit different through what the different skill sets that the players pose in different positions, so for me it’s not a hard and fast rule as to what we do defensively,” she said.

“Everybody knows the role that they play and what their strengths are that they bring to the court, so when drawn upon they know how to enter the game and know what to do.

“So we’ve obviously had a steady line up for large parts, but when the game needs it, I know that we’ve got rotations and versatility.”

A prime example of this is the Fever’s goal attack position. Both Sasha Glasgow and Alice Teague-Neeld are bringing different things to the goal circle.

“I think they both add something very different to the game and they certainly keep the opposition guessing when we put those combinations and rotations through,” Marinkovich said.

“Alice is definitely a playmaker and Sasha can change the pace of the game. At different times we look to inject a different approach and throughout the season Sasha has started and as has Alice.

“I guess we look at the matchups and what’s been happening in the training environment. I think we’ve got that variation that we can go to.

“I would say you’d see both players out there at different points, but it’s working out what we need at a different point in time.”

The two clashes with the Giants have both been decided under five goal margins.

There’s a high chance that these two sides will meet in the finals, but Marinkovich isn’t looking past next weeks clash with the Lightning.

“I can’t even go there at the moment, only because we’ve got Lightning, they’re an amazing team,” she said.

“They beat us during the rounds in one of the games. We’re going to have to get our head completely back into alignment… and make sure we’re taking that game on.

“If and when we play Giants we’ll look at what we have to do then. but certainly we’ll have to be on top of our games. Lightning are again a very good attacking side and have some weapons in their defence that we’ve got to be set for.”

After Fever missing out on the double chance the side will face the Lightning on Saturday at 3pm, in what is a sudden death elimination final.

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