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With the COVID-19 situation in Victoria worsening forcing AFL clubs to travel to Queensland last week, North Melbourne has taken a family first approach.

With yet another COVID 19 outbreak in Victoria has forced many AFL clubs forced to fly to Queensland, the North Melbourne Football Club has put family first when it comes to staff and players making the trip to Queensland.

Coach David Noble said that the club told players and staff to make the best decision for both themselves and their families.

North Melbourne star Ben Cunnington is one of the few among North Melbourne staff and players making the choice not to make the trip to Queensland.

” It was very much around you need to take this hour to consider what’s the best for you and what’s the best option for your family,” Noble said

“Then if you decided to come, here’s what we need you to do go home and get packed, organise with pets and bits and pieces.

“Families with kids at school and Melbourne potentially going into another lockdown. So fundamentally in our organisation it’s looking after the individual first and for most and then we’ll still get on with the group that we’ve got.

“Ben’s (Cunnington) probably more a profile person but there are certainly other members of our staffing group that made the correct decision to stay at home and look after their family.”

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With Victoria going into a five-day lockdown, it’s unknown how long teams will be away from home, with the AFL telling clubs between a few days and a few weeks.

“We were told between anywhere between four or five days and a few weeks.

“I think when we did the first briefing it was here is what we know, here’s probably the outcome that we think so plan on the basis that you’ll be away more than less and on that basis, you need to make the decision or the support of what you need as an individual or for your family.

“So, we packed for probably three weeks, but we’re not sure it moves all the time. It moved last night, it moves this morning. I just know that I’ve got to get on the bus, and we play at Metricon at 12:30.

With the Kangaroos meant to play at Marvel Stadium in front of the North Melbourne faithful, Noble sends his thoughts to the fans doing it tough in lockdown.

“We feel for our Melbourne members again back into a lockdown, we were supposed to be back at Marvel having crowds, we’ve been able to get a few members in Tassie and we were able to get a few of our WA members there last week.

“We’re really feeling for our members in Melbourne and the ones that are in Sydney but difficult circumstances at the moment and our thoughts are with them.”

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