Marcos Flores with the new Adelaide Atletico kit. Picture: Supplied.

Marcos Flores with the new Adelaide Atletico kit. Picture: Supplied.

Ex-Adelaide United star Marcos Flores has taken a big step in football development, with his new start-up club Adelaide Atletico FC.

Adelaide United’s only Johnny Warren medallist Marcos Flores is believed to be the first ex professional A-League player to head up a start-up club in Australia alongside a group of South Australian volunteers.

Flores has been appointed the new football director of Adelaide Atlético FC, planning the entire curriculum for the upcoming 2021 season.

The club is also encouraging children with disabilities to join its ranks.

The Adelaide Atlético FC Inclusion Academy will be directed by Flores and Chris Okely who is the cerebral palsy captain and coordinator.

“Not only is our club going to be inclusive, but it will also be fair,’’ Flores said.

“This is why our club will be fully transparent and honest when discussing the performance and ability of your child with the focus and priority being on development and evolution.

“We will lead with full humanity and connectedness as we recognise that making mistakes is a part of growth, a part of the process for each player to become the best they can be no matter where they start from.

“We will fairly learn and grow together.

“We want our club to not only represent the players but also represent the local community.”

The escalating cost of playing junior football across the nation prompted Flores to get involved in the project with the Argentine also designing the club’s logo and entire kit.

“Adelaide Atlético FC is built upon the foundation of our six pillars of belief,’’ Flores said.

“These beliefs are affordability, inclusivity, fairness, respect, community and the embracement of technology.

Adelaide Athletico FC’s logo. Picture: Supplied.

“Each belief encompasses the essence of what football is all about for all of us who love the most beautiful game on the planet.

“It encompasses our vision to create a club environment where individual players will collectively and joyfully reach their full potential.”

Atlético will charge far less than many of SA’s Football SA clubs in the top tiers of the women’s and men’s soccer competitions.

Flores also expects the club’s juniors to train much more than the mandatory two nights per week and wants the club’s children to play many more games than is currently the norm in SA.

“One of our main mission statements at Adelaide Atlético FC is that every child, no matter what their financial circumstance is, should be able to play soccer,’’ Flores said.

Marcos Flores with the back of the Adelaide Atletico shirt.

“Being affordable means more children are able to play and can be given a chance to learn and enjoy the game with a smile.”

Flores says all of the club’s juniors will be filmed during training sessions and matches so children and parents can actually gauge performances in real time.

“We will record parts of training sessions that will be for the purpose of players and parents to review their child’s performance,’’ Flores said.

 “This is done to show the child where his or her own play style is evolving; seeing their own mistakes and how they can improve upon it.

“We believe that respectful, honest feedback is an essential part of growing.

“This technology allows us to provide this essential feedback.

“What we are building for this upcoming 2021 season and the foreseeable future, will include juniors, seniors and inclusive academy for people with any disabilities and limitations.”

“Come and play, register your interest and Game on!” Read more at https://adelaideatleticofc.com

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