Lili Gorman-Brown addition to the team sees her complete the NSW Swifts roster complete for 2024. (Image: Sutherland Stingrays Instagram).

Sutherland Shire midcourter Lili Gorman-Brown will commence her Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) in season 2024 after signing on with the NSW Swifts.

The signing will see the 24-year-old receive her first ever full-time SSN contract, following a stint with the Swifts across the past two seasons as an injury replacement player.

With versatility a strong suit for the rising talent, the QBE Swifts Academy Graduate will be looking to add onto the eight SSN games she has to her name so far.

Gorman-Brown spoke about her excitement about the new signing, sharing that she’s ready to take on the opportunity.

“When Briony said she wanted to chat I always had hope she’d pick me for 2024, but it was obviously still a bit nerve-wracking,” Gorman-Brown said.

“I have followed the Swifts since I can remember and getting to play alongside so many champions of the game such as Paige Hadley, Maddy Proud and Helen Housby is not just a dream come true, it is a daily learning experience that I cherish.

“I see first-hand why they’ve been so successful and consistent in recent years. Most of them have won multiple Premierships and they instill a hunger in you to join them in that club.

“The passion the playing group has is incredible, and that passion is shared across our coaches, Swifts staff and fans in the stands and all over NSW.

“My journey to a fulltime contract has been a long one, but that makes it all the sweeter. Now I want to go out and repay the confidence that’s been put in me.”

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With this latest signing, it now sees the NSW Swifts’ playing list completed ahead of the 2024 SSN season.

NSW Swifts Head Coach, Briony Akle, praised the young talent’s resilience and is looking forward to seeing Gorman-Brown on the court again.

“I have coached Lili from her pathway days right up to Super Netball and she’s always been the ultimate team player, whose been selfless and chipped away and now her time has come,” Akle said.

“To make it to Super Netball you can’t just be good: you have to be exceptional.

“Not only do you need to be among the best of the 1 million-plus netballers in Australia, you’re also battling the best from an additional 19 million playing around the globe for a contract in the world’s best league.

“Your talent must also be matched with resilience and Lili is a testament to that.

“There were times when she could’ve walked away but she never did. Instead, she always asked what she could do better for the team, and how she could improve her own game.

“Every young pathway netballer should look at Lili and take note. Just because you don’t have an SSN contract at 21 doesn’t mean your time won’t come, but you have to be prepared to graft and prove you’re good enough. Lili has done that.

“Lili came in and did an exceptional job for us, particularly in 2023, and has really earned her shot in 2024. I can’t wait to see what she can do next.”

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