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It was a disappointing loss for the Magpies against a red hot West Coast Fever in Sydney, with turnovers killing any hope of victory.

It was a disappointing game for the Collingwood Magpies after losing against the red hot West Coast Fever. (78-55)

The Magpies had a good start but ultimately it wasn’t enough as they let Fever run away with it, wreaking havoc during the Super Shot Period.

Collingwood coach Nicole Richardson was disappointed with the lack of consistency with her team.

“Didn’t play out the way we were hoping for,” Richardson said post match.

“We started really well but it seemed to be once we made our first error the girls seemed to have lost their confidence and lost their way a little bit. Then all of a sudden, you’re ten goals down at quarter time.

“Really disappointing, they applied a lot of pressure on us and at the end of the day, the performance we put out there wasn’t good enough.

“We showed flashes of brilliance but unfortunately were having issues in finding consistency. Not only in fifteen minutes but also sixty minutes then from week to week that’s something we’ve got to go back and address.

“We’ve got to treasure the ball, we throw too much away still. We’ve been working on it in the training environment but we still are racking up numbers way too high to be successful at this level.”

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Fans were showed glimpses of the new Collingwood shooting combination with Shimona Nelson and new recruit Kalifa McCollin finishing out the game, Richardson said that the combination needs more opportunity.

“We probably didn’t give it enough opportunity to play out, we lost the connection earlier in the court so basically between the attack transverse and the top of the circle. So that is something we’ll need to play around with more a little bit during training.

“It’s hard for Kalifa, she’s new to our team and new to our environment. It’s a different standard and a different intensity of game in Australia than what she’s come from.

“She’s finding her feet with the new intensity and the level of aggressiveness in that one on one contest when in New Zealand they’re more off the body and our players are still getting used to Kalifa’s playing style as well.

“It will take a little bit of time but we need to give it opportunity as well.”

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