Australian netball legend Kim Green has thrown her full support behind a potential netball-specific video game in the hope it moves the sport toward a growing digital space.

Green, who is a mainstay of arguably the most popular netball app in the world NetFit, alongside fellow former player Sarah Wall, believes ‘gamification’ is a natural progression professional sports need to take as the medium grows.

“Let’s push the boundaries. I know the players will be fully on board – and probably love to see where they sit in the overall rankings – but there is so much value off court,” she said.

“The more we start to look outside of the box as a traditional sport – it will be better for us in the long run. There’s so much groundwork that can be covered through a commercial video game, it is an alternative we can hit and add to our audience.

Suncorp Super Netball Commission Chair Marina Go.

“We have some really good professional competitions across the world, and it would be great to see these continue to get reaction and support even if it came in the form of a game.”

Netball appears at every Commonwealth Games and even the organising body is exploring how video games can play their part.

Earlier this year, The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has agreed an exploratory partnership with the Global Esports Federation (GEF) in order to develop a Commonwealth Esports strategy.

The partnership will focus on how esports can be integrated into the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, with an emphasis on using the growing industry to support and advance the tournament.

CGF confirmed their interest in the strategy in May, citing that even through the COVID-19 Pandemic, video games have kept people connected.

While she admitted she might be biased, Green believes there’s a lot of fun to be had on a virtual netball court.

“I think the game is more dynamic than a basketball game in a sense, and you see how successful that has been,” she said.

“I think this is really exciting and something our sport has never delved into.”

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