Sunday Dech. Picture: Adelaide 36ers Media

Sunday Dech. Picture: Adelaide 36ers Media

Adelaide 36ers guard Sunday Dech is optimistic team can continue their two-game winning streak on their march to the postseason.

Dech has found his minutes lower than usual, but he knows his role within the group.

“For me it’s always on the defensive end, go out there and give my energy on that side of the ball,” he said.

“I generally guard the opposition’s best guard and try and slow them down any way I can.”

Dech is unfazed by the variable minutes he’s been receiving, and is accepting of any role and any challenge that is thrown at him.

“It’s good, I mean we’re winning and at the end of the day that’s what it’s about and that’s what we’re judged on,” he said.

“Whether you play a lot or you play a little you just got to go out there and be as impactful as you can.”

A combination of established stars and young guys gelling together at the perfect time makes Adelaide a potential threat come the latter end of the season.

“Everyone’s stepped up, like Macca said we’ve had some guys out and there’s been some opportunities for other guys to step up, KG, massive weekend, Nick Marshall as well,” Dech said.

“Guys like DJ and Trey have been ticking along and everyone’s been doing their bit.”

On court, the connection between the group looks to be the strongest it has been all season and Dech is certain that the internal camaraderie was never an issue.

“We’ve had that togetherness, obviously outside perspective is a different thing, but internally we’ve been together through the highs and lows,” he said.

“Basketball is a game of runs and a game of heaps and valleys, we’ve ridden the valleys and now we’re at our peak.”

“Even when we were hit with adversity no one fractured and we still do our thing day in and day out in trainings and now everyone’s seeing it when the games are happening.”

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Dech attributed Ninnis’ ability to simplify things and to allow each individual to play to their strengths, as a large part of the late season swing.

“He’s growing, as with everyone, when you’re first thrown into the fire you need to figure out what the group needs to be successful and he’s done a phenomenal job of that,” he said.

“He’s been there all season long, since the start so he’s kind of seen how it’s transpired and he was able to come in at a pivotal point and make a few adjustments here and there.”

It’s going to go down to the wire, and every single game, quarter, and possession is priceless as the Sixers look to reach their first playoff series since the 2017-18 season.

“We’re all in that little mix at the moment, from third to eighth or ninth there’s just one game in it,” Dech said.

“The formulas pretty simple, you got to win every game and you’ve got to win by as many as you can.”

Adelaide next match is at home against Cairns on Saturday night, and they will be looking to rebound after a heartbreaking overtime loss in Round 15.

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