Daniel Ricciardo is looking forward to the opportunity to make amends after admitting difficulty handling last weekends result. Photo: @McLarenF1/Twitter.

Daniel Ricciardo is relishing the opportunity to amend the mistakes of last weekend after admitted his struggles dealing with the result.

Following a rough result at the Styrian Grand Prix last weekend at the Red Bull Ring, Daniel Ricciardo has admitted his struggles post-race handling the result.  

Ricciardo got off to an amazing start after beginning the race in 13th on the grid. He quickly climbing to ninth before a power issue caused him to drop back down to 13th where he was never able to regain any positions back.

Ricciardo did not hold back discussing his feelings about last week’s race when speaking to the media ahead of this weekend’s Austria Grand Prix,

“I am very passionate and therefore I also do get very emotional, so Sunday I was, can I say pissed,” Ricciardo said.

“Of course, the race actually started well, and I was behind George who was also having a good race and then it all went backwards for me.

“I think it looked promising for both of us and quickly got away from us very quickly, I believe through no fault of our own but that’s racing, its motorsport.

“Sunday night for sure I was a little bit down, it’s not really the atmosphere you want to go out and have a good time.

“Ultimately I woke up Monday morning, I sweated all whatever you want to call it, anger and toxins out of my body, I was in the sauna for a little while and then I felt pretty good and then it was all eyes ahead for this weekend.”

While Ricciardo was clearly disappointed with last weekend’s results, his approach remains the same.

“It’s really just go for it and obviously there is still things to learn from last weekend but ultimately have confidence in what we’ve learnt and just drive the car, drive it hard, drive it with authority and it will come,” he said.

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This weekend’s Austria Grand Prix will take place on the same circuit, the Red Bull Ring as did the Styrian Grand Prix which Ricciardo admits offers some advantages.

“I think because there is some things to learn from a week ago and it’s nice to come back and have another go,” Ricciardo said.

“I think it is easy to be like next year we know we need to do this but to have the ability to kind of fixes those things and test those things like we would have done better if we had this set-up.

“We actually have a chance to do that now, so I am very happy we are back here.”

Ricciardo will be hoping to bounce back into points contention this weekend after his worst result of the season thus far and continue to help McLaren cement their spot in the Constructors Championship as the third-best team this season.

The Austria Grand Prix will mark the last race of the Formula One triple-header giving all teams and drivers a week off following Sunday’s action.

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