Charlie Curnow celebrating after a goal. (Photo: Carlton FC/ Website)

Spending two seasons on the sidelines with an ongoing knee injury, Charlie Curnow has got back to his best football in 2022. This was rewarded by the club, earning him a six-year contract extension.

With Round 23 to play, Curnow has secured the 2022 Coleman medal after kicking 62 goals from 21 matches.

Speaking to the media this week, Curnow was excited with the faith that the club has put in him and is looking forward to continuing to pull on the navy blue for another six seasons.

“It was great to see that the club would put a lot of faith in me,” Curnow said.

“Obviously, having been out of the game for two years the medical team were a great support in that time getting back.

“It was a great achievement for them to show that faith again and what I want to do is show them a lot of faith back and signing a contract for that long together then hopefully work to repay the fans and give them something to smile about on the weekends.”

While there was that thought in the back of Curnow’s mind that he may not get back to the potential he showed before the injury setbacks, he said that It was important to focus on the positives.

“You got to have confidence in that but there’s definitely doubts that some things might not go your way. I guess you can’t really look long term in those situations, you’ve got to keep your head down and do what you do to get back,” he said.

“Try and look at ways to enjoy the game while you’re not playing. I’m just really happy to find myself in this position and in a position, I can repay those years out back to the fans and hopefully we can get a bit of success.”

Curnow is says the chance to play a few games late last season  and a full pre-season put himself in a great position to take the competition by storm.

“When I had the first knee set back, I got to develop my game and I think last year, I got get couple games at the end of season and really work on a few areas of my game,” Curnow explained.

“I was really lucky to do another preseason before starting this year with the medical team and all their support. So, I think I’m slowly getting there and I’m obviously super happy with my how my years gone and being able to get a few wins.

“We’ve got a big game this weekend that means a lot and I think that’s a step in the right direction for us as a football club.”

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Curnow and the Blues will take on rivals in Collingwood this afternoon at the MCG to secure a finals berth and there will be nothing better for Curnow to play in finals for Carlton Football Club.

“It would be awesome, I got  drafted with Cunners (David Cunningham), SOS (Jack Silvagni), Harry (McKay) and  Weiters (Jacob Weitering),” he said.

 “Yeah, just to build something together as a group with the boys already there like Doc [Sam Docherty], Crippa [Patrick Cripps] and Ed  [Curnow] who were around, obviously it would mean a lot for the football club and we got awesome fans out there and I know how much it would mean to them.”

Curnow celebrating after a goal. Photo: Carlton FC

One of the oldest rivalries in the game, Curnow sheds some light on what it means to play for the Blues against Collingwood.

“It’s something that is  built from day one when you get here and get drafted you get told about it,” he explained.

“We’ve got Diesel (Greg Williams) working here, he’s not afraid of mentioning rivalries or talking about how well he played in them, we had Sticks (Stephen Kernahan) in another day.

“I think there’s a lot of history there obviously and you get immersed in it straight away when you get here and obviously it means a lot more when you verse these teams but I think we’re really focusing on what we can achieve during the week and nothing really changes. It’s going to be good fight.”

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