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A since deleted tweet from the AFL's main account on Monday morning had all the right intentions, but missed the mark.

The AFL social media team sent out a tweet the morning tickets went on sale for the AFL’s pre-season competition.

The tweet began with “Footy is just around the corner and now everyone can see it live.”

The issue with this tweet isn’t so much that the men’s pre-season is around the corner.

Or that fans have the opportunity to secure their tickets and see their side in action.

Football fans, particularly Victorian football fans have endured a long wait to see their heroes and favourites play live football again and are rightfully excited about the prospect.

The issue on this particular occasion is that footy is back and has been back for five weeks now.

Five Rounds. 35 AFLW games have been played since late January.

So when will the league finally get the respect that it deserves?

It’s certainly not a good look for the AFL when this is what its own social media team has been putting out.

The standard of and interest in the AFLW has skyrocketed since the first game back in February 2017 and there have been more fans go to games each week, despite some capacity restrictions than ever before.

A real testament to how much the league has improved over the 5 years of its existence.

To grow the AFLW even more we need fewer tweets like this and more tweets or media coverage encouraging people to come to watch the AFLW or tune in on TV.

In particular when it comes from the main account of the leagues governing body. It makes it seem like the AFLW is temporary or that it’s a gimmick, which the AFLW is far from that

The tweet from the AFL’s account has since been removed.

The AFLW has proven time and time again that it is here to stay, with several games selling out most recently the Collingwood versus Melbourne game at Victoria Park on Sunday sold out 24 hours before the game was set to kick off.

Not only people are going to the games, but 2.78 million people have been tuning in to watch the AFLW in their homes over the past 12 months.

During the crossover period between AFL and AFLW, has always been a challenge of cross-promotion, the AFLW seems to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to coverage.

AFL, and tweets like this from the AFL it’s just going to get lost even more, which is far from what fans want or what the league and its athletes deserve.

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