Bruno Tarimo is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for a World title bout. (Photo: No Limit Boxing/Facebook)

While adversity is a common element in a fighters' life, the story of Bruno Tarimo is defined by incredible sacrifice and an unbreakable will.

For all of the hyperbole and over-exaggeration that is drummed up in sport, not a truer word has been spoken than Sir Bobby Charlton’s description of Manchester United’s home ground, Old Trafford.

Appropriately, the England legend called the historic site the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, a term that has come to embody an almost sacred meaning to those in the football landscape.

Players come from far and wide to grace its turf, each striving to leave a legacy on a pitch they have yearned for throughout their entire life. Opposition sides look to impose their will, while those wearing the famed red and yellow insignia aim to continue on a path of dominance.

Accompanying them are their dreams, but not all will be fulfilled. Some will fade, dwindling and eventually flaming out during their 90 minutes on stage.

Others will instead reach a more positive crescendo, taking the form of athletic feats that loom large over the memories of boisterous crowds to ultimately become enshrined in record books.

Like the many that have come before him, Bruno Tarimo (26-2-2, 5 KOs) entered the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ earlier this week.

Draped across his shoulder, the IBF International Super Featherweight title, itself representative of a lifetime spent honing his craft. As he cast his eye over the vast and empty expanses of the stadium, he reflected on the goal that led him to the moment.

He too is in Manchester chasing a dream, fighting to prove he is worthy of a chance at glory.

“My dream is to be World champion,” a stoic yet grounded Tarimo told The Inner Sanctum.

“At the moment, right now, I’m just thinking about this fight first. I’ve got to win. Every time I win, I’m going to keep going up until I get to the top.”

Bruno Tarimo stands tall at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, proudly displaying his IBF International Super Featherweight title. (Photo: Tony Tolj/Twitter)

His words are few, but harrowing and true. He has to win.

By emerging victorious at Matchroom Boxing’s Parker vs Chisora II event at the AO Arena on December 19 (AEDT), Tarimo will close in on the mantle of mandatory challenger to IBF World Super Featherweight champion, Kenichi Ogawa (26-1-1, 16 KOs) of Japan.

Standing opposite the 26-year-old will be Commonwealth Super Featherweight champion, Zelfa Barrett (26-1, 16 KOs). A fast and explosive fighter, the impressive Brit will not be found wondering in his approach.

Moreover, Barrett will not allow a visitor to walk into his home city and cruise to a win. He is just as hungry for a shot at the coveted title and is favoured to take the contest.

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To this end, achieving the dream will not be easy. Then again, manifesting a goal into reality rarely is.

The value of hard work is not lost on Tarimo, though. In fact, words do not do justice to the countless sacrifices he has made to even dare to achieve greatness.

After coming to Australia in 2018 to fight Billel Dib (25-3, 12 KOs), the Tanzanian left his homeland behind for a permanent move ‘Down Under.’ With this, he exchanged the comfort of a loving family for the pursuit of greater fortunes for those he cherishes so dearly.

Although the heart grows fonder, the will to succeed heightens with each passing day. Tarimo finds solace in the fact that he is not just fighting for his own life, but for the lives of his nearest and dearest.

“My whole family is still in Tanzania. I have a wife and two kids there. I haven’t seen them since two years ago,” he candidly said.

“To live far away from my family makes me stronger. It has made me work hard to get where I want to be.

“The reality is, we can’t change it. I think the time will come soon when we will all be in Australia. I would like to bring my family to Australia where we can live together.

“I’m hungry to make a better life for my family.”

Manager Tony Tolj has observed this selflessness first-hand and is inspired by the journey of his client. The pair are now working together to make the family reunion a reality.

“He’s doing everything for his family to give them a better life,” Tolj told The Inner Sanctum.

“We’ve currently applied for his permanent residency in Australia as well. That’s been over a year now for him, his wife and two kids.”

Difficulties have also had to be managed in the professional realm, as well.

A lack of infrastructure and mentorship in Tanzania meant that Tarimo had no choice but to train himself prior to the aforementioned bout with Dib.

Since making the Gold Coast his base however, resources have become plentiful. From incredible facilities to high-level training partners, the opportunities have been glaringly apparent.

“In Tanzania, it is very, very hard to get to where I am right now. It was very hard to find a good team, good gym and to have support behind you,” Tarimo said.

“When you get to Australia, you have the opportunity to have a manager, good team and training with good fighters.

“I train with great boxers in Australia, like the Moloneys (Andrew and Jason), Liam Wilson, Liam Paro, all great fighters. I’m sparring with them and I learn many things.

“It gives me more confidence going forward because I know if I am sparring and training with them, then I can beat anyone in front of me.”

When one watches Tarimo in action, it can almost be said that they are playing witness to the metaphor of his life, then.

Reminiscent of all-time greats such as Roberto Duran (103-16, 70 KOs), ‘The Terminator’ fights at a relentless pace inside of punching range. His, is a style built on volume and pressure, mixed with an unwavering spirit that cannot be halted.

As rounds pass and each bell rings out, it becomes more and more evident to the viewer that there is a greater purpose to his efforts.

With each rip to the body and flurry to the jaw, we see Tarimo creep closer to his goals. Only when he has chased down the dream and his family is by his side to share in the spoils of triumph, will he wilt.

Until then, he will continue down the road less travelled full of conviction.

“My preparation has been good, my work is good, my training has been good, my body is feeling good. I’m feeling ready to go,” Tarimo concluded.

“I feel that I can beat anyone in the World right now.”

Matchroom Boxing’s Parker vs Chisora II card goes down live on DAZN from 5am (AEDT) on Sunday December 19 and can be viewed, here.

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