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The Inner Sanctum spoke to Firebirds Vice-Captain Tara Hinchliffe about her love for the Firebirds and pulling on that purple dress.

Young defender Tara Hinchliffe has been in the Firebirds team since 2018 and is quickly becoming one of the most important members of the team.

The Inner Sanctum spoke with Hinchliffe about her new leadership role, her love for the purple and what the 2021 season holds.

In 2021 Hinchliffe was named Vice-Captain in the Firebirds’ three-person leadership group, alongside captain Gabi Simpson and two-time championship Firebird Kim Ravaillion.

“I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest, I had no idea going into that meeting that’s what would come out of it,” Hinchliffe said.

“The first feeling was a massive sense of pride that the girls wanted to support me, back me, and put me in that position.

“It means so much that it’s them voting for you that they want you as one of their leaders.”

Firebirds 2021 Leaders Tara Hinchliffe, Gabi Simpson and Kim Ravaillion Photo: Nigel Hallett 

Hinchliffe has been a long-time member of the Firebirds team and but even after four years nothing gets better than pulling on that purple dress.

“It means so much to me to be in the purple and put on that purple dress on game day. I think the longer that I’m at the club the more I feel a massive sense of community here.”

“Especially at Nissan Arena having the staff in the same building, I love just coming to the club and hanging out and seeing what other community people are doing like training on the courts upstairs.

“It’s just a massive sense of community and feels like you belong and have a big family around you. That’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed while being at the Firebirds compared to other teams.”

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