Australia will have four men and two women competing for gold in wrestling. (Photo: Wrestling Australia)

This is The Inner Sanctum's ultimate preview guide to the Australians competing in the wrestling events at Birmingham 2022.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games are just around the corner. This is the ultimate preview guide by The Inner Sanctum, discussing all the Australians competing in Birmingham.

Up next, wrestling.

How will it work in Birmingham?

Wrestling is a battle of pure strength, strategic decisions and technical ability. The competitors will be divided up into weight class before the Commonwealth Games begin. If a wrestler goes over their weight they will be disqualified and their opponent will be granted the victory.

To win a match an individual has to throw and pin their opponents to the ground. This is mainly through the use of grapples and holds. Every time someone wins they will move onto the next round until there is no longer anyone to face.

Men’s squad

Freestyle 57kg: Justin Holland

Freestyle 65kg: Mostafa Rezaeifar

Freestyle 86kg: Jayden Lawrence

Freestyle 97kg: Tom Barns

The men’s wrestling squad includes a remarkable story. 12 years after making his debut in 2010 at Delhi, Justin Holland returns for a third Commonwealth Games.

Currently in career best form, Holland will try and exceed all expectations as he tries to get past the quarter-finals and win a medal for the first time.

The team also includes two debutantes in Mostafa Rezaeifar and Tom Barns. Rezaeifar comes into Birmingham at the age of 39. The Iranian-born veteran will hope to show his younger competitors a lesson and he is not to be messed with.

“Believe in yourselves, the hard work you have put in to date and simply do the best you possible can to leave everything you have on the mats,” Andrew Kanatli, the Wrestling Australia President said.

“We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great games.”

Individual to watch

Tom Barns

Tom Barns is one of two male debutantes in the men’s wrestling team. The Perth-born competitor comes into the Games aged 21 and has played a number of sports all of his life. Before turning his sights on wrestling, Barns previously played AFL, rugby union and rowing.

Barns is the current Oceania champion, and even though it will be his first Commonwealth Games he has competed in many wrestling competitions for Australia. He will be looking to impress in front of the world and with Australia behind his back.

Tom Barns in action. (Photo: Australian Olympic Committee)

Prediction: One medal (Silver – Jayden Lawrence)

The men’s wrestling team boast a variety of strong competitors, but the question is can any of them get to the final stages? Winning bronze in 2014, don’t be surprised if Jayden Lawrence once again stands on the podium.

Lawrence has the experience behind him, and is Australia’s best medal chance on the men’s side.

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Women’s squad

Freestyle 57kg: Irene Symeonidis

Freestyle 76kg: Naomi de Bruine

The women’s wrestling team is made up of a 30-year-old debutante and a Dutch-born powerhouse. Irene Symeonidis will be making her debut at these Games. Based in Melbourne, she will be looking to make a statement in each of her matches.

Individual to watch

Naomi de Bruine

Originally from the Netherlands, de Bruine has brought her skill to Sydney’s western suburbs. She was able to compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and showed great promise. Still young at 26, she will be more experienced going into Birmingham.

Previously winning bronze in judo for Australia in her youth career, she is used to the wrestling style. Her knowledge of judo could come in handy and surprise her opponents.

Prediction: 0 medals

While both wrestlers show great promise, getting to the very end is a difficult task. It is unlikely that either of there wrestlers will reach the end but you never know what could happen. The Commonwealth Games is full of surprises. If one was to reach the final stages it would be de Bruine.

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