Coach and Boxer - Glenn Azar and Taylah Robertson. (Image: Glenn Azar)

Glenn Azar's mentoring prowess is playing a major role in Taylah Robertson's quest for the undisputed title.

Belief is such a powerful tool in any realm of one’s life. There is self-belief, greatly represented by UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski, and there is the belief instilled from those around you, a luxury that Australian boxer and IBF Youth World Champion Taylah Robertson is showered with by her coach and manager Glenn Azar.

By no means is Robertson totally defined as an athlete through her relationship with Azar, nor is she lacking self-belief.

Yet, it would be nonsense to suggest these combat partners haven’t found a symbiotic sweet spot that is bound to cause headaches for flyweights and classes alike around the globe.

The Inner Sanctum caught up with Azar to dive into the importance of belief in such a relationship with respect to trust and performance, aspects that Azar’s defence force and adventurous background rely on so heavily when striving for greatness.

Azar is totally aware of and in sync with what he needs to bring to the table in order to maximise Robertson’s delivery as an athlete both inside and outside of the ring.

“The relationship is absolutely vital, particularly when working with female athletes. Females need more trust, I have three daughters, I understand that relationship,” Azar told The Inner Sanctum.

“With female athletes, you need to know when they have got their periods and how that impacts their training, how that affects them on weigh-in day. We manage that stuff because we have to. That’s the relationship we’ve got.

“The day she feels like she can’t get from me what she needs, and I am not able to advance her anymore, she can go with my full blessing.”

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Azar’s expertise as a coach extends well beyond developing this future star’s boxing game. Rather it expands broadly into manifesting the milestones that Robertson and Azar as a team desire through goal setting, on a path to make big dreams come true.

“We sat down, and we set two goals, one is that I would like her to have enough money to buy a house. Secondly, and this is a dream but I would like her to be the first Australian female to make a million dollars in a fight,” Azar applauded.

“It’s not about the money, it is more about saying we want to put women on par with men.

“Not everyone backs the girls, pays them well and actually believes in them, but Mick and Fran from Tasman Fighters are absolutely amazing and from day one have believed in this girl.”

The undisputed goal

With great ambition comes the need for circulating belief, a need present in just about every word Glenn Azar spills about his boxing prodigy, that through observing his expression is destined for nothing but the ultimate prize  – the undisputed title.

“I’ve never seen anyone like her – I think she is going to set the world scene on fire. She can be the Tim Tszyu of females in our sport,” Azar said.

“I think she will be an undisputed world champion. She doesn’t care about anything else other than that.

“I don’t clear the path for Tay, I just give her the belief in herself. We think in 18 months we could have a crack at all of these world champions.”

All arrows are pointing to not only a future Australian boxing star but a figure of Australian sports entertainment.

Wherever Robertson goes and whatever she achieves, Glenn Azar will be there as the fuel to her fire, providing the initial and key ingredient to glory – belief.

Taylah Robertson. Remember the name.

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