The Australian Dolphins flourished during day one of the Duel in the Pool. (Image: Delly Carr).

The Australian Dolphins are in full swing once again, taking the lead during Day One of Duel in the Pool. It comes after a stellar campaign during the 4x800m Open Water Relay at Bondi Beach today.

Kareena Lee, Kai Edwards, Chelsea Gubecka and Kyle Lee endured the water relay and helped put Australia in a much needed lead against the United States. Australia opted for the female swimmers to begin the relay first, a strategy that contrasted their rivals to ultimately gave them the upper hand.

With Gubecka and (Kareena) Lee starting strong, it was up to Edwards and (Kyle) Lee to bring it home for the green and gold.

Despite beginning 18 seconds behind American Taylor Mathieu in the final leg and see him nine seconds off the lead, Lee managed to push through and overtake Mathieu in the final 50m.

The competition will look to be intense, as Australia leads on the board with eight. Meanwhile, America sits closely behind with six.

The event continues tomorrow as the first night of the pool competition is set to begin. It will all kick off at 7pm at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

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