The National Basketball League (NBL) will debut a pride display during the competition’s annual pride round.

Spalding has donated 1300 basketballs that will make up the display. The NBL wants to remain committed to being a healthy, accessible and safe environment for all.

The NBL celebrated their inaugural pride round in January this year. Champion will continue in their partnership with the league in promoting inclusivity within the sport .

NBL CEO David Stevenson said the round gives an opportunity to celebrate and tell the stories from the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We believe [the NBL] needs [the round] to really ensure that people see that they can be welcome, everyone is welcome at the NBL,” he said.

Stella Lesic, President of the Queer Sporting Alliance, said pride round can give kids confidence to play the sport.

“Meaningful allyship like this is a really important part of the pride puzzle,” they said.

“For the kid that’s sitting at home that doesn’t feel safe to go out and play basketball and step on the court, big bold statements like this really speaks to those kids and make them feel like they can actually come and be part of sport.”

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Last year, a rainbow Champion logo was featured on the court and on the players jerseys.

Pride round till take place during Round 16 in January.

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