American Flag Football in Brisbane. Credit via official Facebook page.

Liam Price founded Brisbane American Flag Football and has seen the growth the sport has made in just two years. He hopes it keeps improving.

American flag football is not something that you see a lot of in Australia. However up north in the state of Queensland, it is slowly taking off.

Liam Price, the founder of Brisbane Flag American Football spoke with The Inner Sanctum about the sport that is slowly making strides down under.

“Two years [the competition has been running] We celebrated our two-year birthday with a tournament the other week,” Price said.

Despite the competition still being in its early stages, Liam has seen a dramatic increase in participants of the game. Price has been astounded at the response from fans of the game and those who are willing to give the sport a try.

“This year already we have had over 100 different people play in our weekly pickup games and our tournament days. With all the people that have come to Brisbane Flag, it’s been amazing to see the diversity.

“There are some people who have played before, some that haven’t, some that couldn’t even tell you what the NFL was. We have one who played in NFL Europe!

“We also draw people from all over the world, we have had over 20 different nationalities of athletes.”

American Flag Football is slowly gaining more popularity

Picture: Brisbane Flag American Football

Liam made the trek up north to Queensland two years ago. There was no outlet for people who loved the sport. However, since Brisbane Flag American Football was founded, Price has seen many different leagues pop up around the state capital.

“The growth of flag football has been great, when I moved here two years ago, I didn’t know anybody and there wasn’t anywhere regularly playing [American Flag Football] except once a year tournament that the gridiron clubs ran. Now there are a few different groups/leagues across Brisbane,” Price said.

“I think for people who love American football but have always been too nervous to play it themselves due to the contact, I believe this offers a great way to get involved in the game they love with less worry about injuries.

“It also offers a space for ex-gridiron players to still play the game they love without the worry of contact. Especially here in Australia where there is such a love for sports like Aus-Tag.

“I think this is an amazing way for people that have never even heard of American Flag Football, or even American football. They can transition into a new sport that has similarities to ones they already love.”

With the growth of the competition he founded just two years ago, Price is confident that the sport, which is foreign to some, can continue to grow as the years go by. He has a grand vision about what the sport of American Flag Football can look like in the coming years.

“I think it can grow much larger here in Queensland. Like I said there was no one playing American Flag Football regularly.

“When I got here and there are now 3 different regular leagues/communities of players. I would love to see us all one day merge.

“Be a giant league here in QLD where we could do conferences based on location and run it very much like the NFL format”

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Hard work is slowly paying off for Price

Price remembers the hard times when he first started getting his idea of American Flag Football out to the Brisbane public. However, now he can see that all the hard work he put in, is slowly paying off.

“I have definitely seen an interest in the sport growing. I remember when I first just started posting about flag American football.

“There were a few times at the beginning where it would just be me in a field. Now we run tournament days with 7-8 teams at the same time. Other leagues are running with similar numbers too”.

The sport of American Flag Football still not as popular as the other codes in Queensland, but popularity is slowly going up. The competition is currently a non-profit organisation.

The sport is growing and Price would like to see participation grow too.

People can get involved by heading over to our Facebook page [to get involved]. We post regularly about our upcoming events whether it’s casual pick-me-up games, tournament days, or one day soon a new league!

“We also love posting highlights from our events. People record the games with drones, go pros, and photographers so we can catch all the one-handed catches!

“To get involved just come on down and get involved, we are a very open group.

“We run as a non for profit so our pickup games are free for all, and all equipment you need to play is provided. If anyone has any questions they can just message the page”.

The state of Queensland largely dominated by the NRL and AFL. However, American Flag Football is becoming known to the Australian public thanks to Liam. The sport has seen big growth in just over two years. Perhaps one day there will be leagues across Australia with thousands of people participating. 

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