John Aloisi at press conference after United loss on 29th of March 2024. Credit: Antonis Pagonis

John Aloisi at press conference after United loss on 29th of March 2024. Credit: Antonis Pagonis

One of Australia’s favourite footballing sons, John Aloisi, has opened up on the challenges that Nestory Irankunda will face when he moves to Bayern Munich.

Nestory Irankunda is Australian football’s next big hope. The teenager netted three times in Adelaide’s win over Western United on Good Friday.

Western United’s coach, Australian great John Aloisi, had some advice for Nestory as he embarks on his next journey.

“You’re gonna go through difficult moments.” Aloisi said

“You have to find a way to get through those moments.

“Every player that went overseas from Australia would say the same thing. Because we are still not recognised as the best players in the world come out of Australia.

“Hopefully Irankunda can change that, he’s an exceptional talent.”

“He’s one of the most talented (strikers) I’ve seen in Australia.”

Aloisi saw similarities in Nestory Irankunda to one of Australia’s best footballers in Mark Viduka. Although he believes Nestory, at times, can lack consistency on the pitch however.

“Mark Viduka was very consistent already at a young age,” Aloisi said.

“Nestory is a lot younger than Mark when he got on the scene.

“If he, (Irankunda) gets consistency to his game, like quality-wise, whoa man.

“In his young career, his highlights are way better than mine throughout my whole career.”

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Carl Veart offered his opinion on the striker and his hattrick.

“It’s difficult for young players to find that consistency. They’re still finding what works for them,” Veart said.

“I’m glad for him to get the reward for the work that he’s been doing over the couple of months.

“It’s been a challenging year for him.”

Veart was also asked about Nestory and his mentality ahead of the move to Bayern.

“I think we’re starting to see the maturity coming through,” he said.

“He puts a lot of pressure on himself. It’s that belief in himself. People think all he is power and speed.

“They don’t work with him everyday, he is technically very good.

“There’s a lot of people in Australia that want him to fail and make it tough for him. Some of things he’s had to go through on the pitch.

“He’s zoning a lot of that out and just focusing on what he needs to do.”

Veart also added how he feels about Irankunda’s move to Bayern.

“We don’t have enough players in the big leagues. We need to get more,” he said.

“I’m excited to see when he moves on from the club what his next chapter in his career is.”

Veart also said that Adelaide aren’t quite sure how they will replace Irankunda saying that they will “worry about that at the end of the season.”

Bayern for the most part have left Adelaide to develop Nestory over the course of the season.

“Not since the beginning of the season, (have we talked to Bayern),” Veart said.

“At the beginning of the season we had some good chats. They’re keeping an eye on him, but they’ve left it up to us to decide what’s best for him.”

Nestory will make the move to Bayern at season’s end. Its looks likely that the winger will stay in Munich with Bayern’s head coach Thomas Tuchel confirming as much.

However, Tuchel and Bayern will end their working relationship on June 30 this year, meaning that whoever takes the seat at the helm of the 33-time Bundesliga champions may have the final say on Irankunda’s immediate future.

One thing is for sure, he has both Aloisi and Veart in his corner.

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