See what special designs are on your club's jumper ahead of AFLW 'Pride Round' this weekend

This year marks the second full AFLW pride round and the Clubs have produced some incredible guernseys to mark the occasion.

There have been collaborations with both current and past players, artists, and members of the LGBTQI+ community. Pride Round celebrates the inclusivity and diversity of the AFLW competition and the wider community.

Here is what your AFLW club will be wearing this weekend.

Adelaide Crows 

The Crows will wear an updated version of last year’s Pride guernsey. This year the design will feature the addition of the Rainbow flag colours on the shoulders of the guernsey, as well as the traditional crows’ colours being blended on the front with the Rainbow flag.

“it’s so so important to be visually out there and feel like you are in a safe space that you can identify with something and feel part of something special,” Erin Phillips told Adelaide media this week.

Ailish Considine and Stevie-Lee Thompson in the 2002 Pride Guernsey: Source AFC media

Brisbane Lions 

The Lions Guernsey is one the fans are already familiar with. The Guernsey was worn last year in the inaugural Pride round. The Lions have opted to wear their pride guernsey as their Clash strip for the entire 2022 season. The design features the rainbow flag across the chest and on the players numbers on their backs.



This year marks Carlton’s 5th pride guernsey having played part in the Pride Game with the Western Bulldogs since 2018.

The beautiful piece has been designed by the Carlton Pride Supporters group, who are very active within the football club. This year the design represents the stories of LGBTQIA+ and AFLW players around growth, strength, struggle, and journey.

They have incorporated the colours of the progress flag this year to highlight that there is still a need to educate and accept the wider community about transgender and non-binary individuals.


The Pies guernsey has been designed by current players Sarah Rowe and Brianna Davey. Their design features the traditional Pride rainbow plus pink and blue stripes for the transgender community with the addition of a brown strip that represents people of colour in the LGBTIQ+ community.

“I think AFLW is the benchmark when it comes to inclusivity, that’s why it’s so significant because it goes much further than pride- it’s how inclusive we are as a community.” Sabrina Frederick told Collingwood media.

Sabrina Frederick, Eloise Chaston, Sarah Rowe, and Brianna Davey wearing the new AFLW Pride guernsey: Source Collingwood media


Fremantle will be wearing a Pride guernsey for the first time and have used their clash guernsey as the template.

The Pride design features the Rainbow flag within what is normally the Fremantle purple chevrons, and the Progress flag in the top left-hand corner. 

The AFLW side will be the first Fremantle playing group to wear a Pride guernsey. 

“Being the first playing group at Fremantle to wear a Pride Jumper gives us a sense of pride to create history within this Club, especially with the amazing group of people that we have.” Gemma Houghton told Fremantle Media

“It’s important to us that when we run out, we show we represent everyone in the community and embrace everyone around us, no matter their gender, race, or sexuality.”


The Cats are wearing the same design that they wore in last year’s Pride Round. The design replaces one of Geelong’s traditional hoops with a Rainbow across the middle and also the Transgender flag on the player’s shoulders.

Geelong captain Meg Mcdonald worked on the design last year and had collaborated with the club’s Pride Supporter group when designing the guernsey. 

“We spoke with our Pride Supporter Group and I think they were really passionate about looking like the rainbow was part of our jumper, and it had always been there.” Meg McDonald told Geelong media.

In honour of pride round, the Cats have raised the pride flag at GMHBA stadium ahead of their clash with Collingwood Friday night. 

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Gold Coast Suns

The is the club’s first-ever Pride Guernsey and has been designed by four of the team’s current players Sarah Perkins, Britt Perry, Hannah Dunn, and Jade Pregelj.

The Design features the Rainbow flag down both sides of the Sun’s guernsey.

“It’s the first Pride guernsey that I’ve ever been able to play in so I’m really looking forward to it,” Perkins told Gold Coast Suns media. 

Sadly though due to health and safety protocols, the team will have to wait to wear their guernsey with their Round 3 match sadly postponed.

Greater Western Sydney

The Giants will be wearing a design that features the traditional rainbow flag colours throughout the G on the front of their jumpers.

On the back is the rainbow flag joining with the progress flag. The giants are going to unveil the jumper in Round 4 in front of their home fans and will wear Pride warm-up T-shirts before this week’s match.

Rebecca Privitelli, Katherine Smith and Lisa Steane: Source GWS media


The Demons will be wearing a piece designed by former player Teghan Cunningham.

Keeping the traditional Demon yoke, the colours of the pride flag slowly progress throughout finishing with Violet at the bottom.

The guernsey designed to represent Unity includes the thumbprint of the 30 players on the current list.

The back design follows the front, with the addition of the team’s major sponsor Zurich incorporating the Progress Flag into their Logo.


The Kangaroos guernsey stands for the club’s past and its progressive future.

With the Bounding Kangaroo of old the main attraction of the design and the piece highlighting their past, the rainbow stripes representing its future blends with the Kangaroo and across the back. 

“This weekend, Pride Round provides an opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse communities that make up our club and gives us a very public platform to create a matchday where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging. Chief Executive Ben Amarfio told North Media.


The Richmond guernsey has been designed by players Kate Brennan and Sarah Hosking with artist Matthew Chan from the Midsumma festival.

The tigers and the Midsumma festival have partnered together to bring the Midsumma clash to this weekend’s Pride Round.

The Design on the guernsey takes Richmond’s traditional yellow sash, and infuses it with the Rainbow flag tells a story of a girl who is on her journey to finding her way.


St Kilda 

The St Kilda Pride Guernsey has been designed to showcase all the different Pride events and rounds that have taken place before this weekend.

Featuring the modern-day Pride flag across the front of the guernsey and transitioning to the rainbow colours on the back. In the colours on the back, are the names of any organisation that has hosted a Pride Cup, signaling the progression it has taken to get to this moment. 

“It doesn’t matter where you sit in terms of your sexuality, your religion, your race, or whatever it is. The AFLW leads that space and I’m really proud to be part of that environment.” Saints Co-Captian Kate Sheirlaw told St. Kilda media.

West Coast

Unfortunately, West Coast has opted not to wear a pride-designed guernsey and will instead wear the AFLW pride singlet in the warm-up and pride socks during the game. 

Western Bulldogs

The Bulldogs will be wearing their fifth pride guernsey later this season after their annual “Pride Game” match with Carlton was unfortunately postponed.

Being in the original Pride games with Carlton, this year’s design showcases the club’s position to support diversity and inclusion.

The Bulldogs guernsey Designed by Natalie Gills, features the progress pride flag merging into the traditional Red, White and Blue colours of the dogs. 

AFLW Pride Round Begins Friday Night January 22

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