Zimmorlei Farquharson

Zimmorlei Farquharson had a fantastic debut game for the Brisbane Lions. (Photo: Daniel Cohen)

It's a short AFLW Fantasy lockout ahead of Round 4 with three trades to use before the deadline at 5:40pm on Thursday afternoon.

With Round 3 finishing Tuesday night and Round 4 starting tonight, coaches will be battling a short lockout and confirmation of only 2 teams before finalising their trades for this week. 

It was a fairly quiet week scoring wise for coaches, with only one player making it over the magic 100 this week, making them an easy choice for this week’s player of the round. 

Player of the Round

Kiara Bowers – take a bow. It was an impressive performance from Bowers, who had 28 touches and a huge 16 tackles. With four points scored for each tackle that means she scored 64 points alone off tackles. If you are one of the 53% who owns Bowers, make sure you also put the Captain on her for double points if you haven’t already. 

Kiara Bowers: Fremantle 152 

Ebony Marinoff: Adelaide 98

Tilly Lucas-Rodd: St Kilda 96

Amy Mcdonald: Geelong 96

Ashleigh Riddell: Kangaroos 90

Brittany Bonnici: Collingwood 89

Jamie Lambert: Collingwood 89

Stevie-Lee Thompson: Adelaide 89

Erin Phillips: Adelaide 85

Emily Bates: Brisbane Lions 84

Leah Cutting in action: Source St Kilda Media

Rookie of the Round

Flying under the radar so far this year Saint Kilda’s Leah Cutting had a solid performance that included 10 tackles for a score of 78. She gets the rookie of the week thanks to her average score of 58 over the season so far. This has resulted in a strong price rise of $13,100 so far and she still has room to grow this further. 

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Lowest Breakevens

A few of the names on this list have ended up here due to health and safety protocols, but that is a good outcome for coaches. With players who missed out last round having their averages applied, there are some good options in this set of players who can generate cash. 

Tara Bohanna Gold Coast -19

Charlie Rowbottom Gold Coast -18 

Leah Cutting St Kilda -11

Zimmorlei Farquharson Brisbane -6

Jess Good Carlton -4

Round 4 targets

We are starting to see a trend emerging this year, showing low scoring for defenders. You may have noticed some of your bigger names that you paid up for losing money. Having three rounds down now, it is a good indicator that it will stay this way. With such a short competition it could be a good option to trade down some players in your back line and use the left over funds to boost your midfield or forward line. 

Zimmorlei Farquharson: Brisbane Lions

It was an electric first game for Farquharson, who impressed with 10 touches and a goal. She showed skill all across the ground and will be a great addition of speed to the Lions team. Since she is a rookie she is still a well priced downgrade option, who you can use to generate cash for the next few weeks. 

Jasmine Ferguson: Kangaroos 

Ferguson is a good example of what to look for to downgrade in your defence. Currently priced at $24,800 she is averaging 42 per week. While the number is not huge, it is a good consistent score and puts her in the top 15 of average scores for the competition. Other players averaging around the same are priced as high as $43,000. If you had someone with this price tag, you are gaining around $20,000 to spend elsewhere and not losing any points. 

This week is also the Hobart Nissan Bonus Round for AFLW Fantasy, which will see the highest scorer for the week take home a huge $1000 prize. This is the biggest prize ever for a single week free fantasy competition in Australia, so don’t forget your trades and that lockout is tonight at 5:40 pm AEST. 

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