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A host of players found new homes on the final day of the trade period. (Photos: Hawthorn FC; AFL)

The trade and free agency period has come to its conclusion with 19 players finding new homes over the last fortnight. The Inner Sanctum takes a look at how your club has fared.

The 2021 AFL Free Agency and Trade Period has been run-and-done, with a total of 19 players finding new homes over the past fortnight.

Players cannot be traded for the next year, but draft picks can be moved up until the AFL Draft on November 24 and 25.

There are the players that have been gained and lost by your club in the 2021 AFL Trade and Free Agency Period.

Lost: Jake Kelly (Free Agency – Essendon), David Mackay (Retired), Tom Lynch, Tyson Stengle, Daniel Talia (all Delisted)

Gained: Jordan Dawson (Traded – Sydney)

Draft Picks: 4, 33, 75, 80

Adelaide got Jordan Dawson over the line on the final day of the trade period for Melbourne’s future first-round selection. It’s a superb addition for the Crows, with Dawson and Paul Seedsman now forming one of the best wingmen duos in the league. The 24-year-old averaged 22.3 disposals and 4.3 rebound 50s as a Swan in 2021.

They lost lockdown defender Jake Kelly via free agency to the Bombers, but have youngsters coming through who are ready to step up. Could Andrew McPherson make that spot his own in 2022?

Jasper Chellappah

Lost: Grant Birchall, Archie Smith (both Retired)

Gained: Darcy Fort (Traded – Geelong)

Draft Picks: 14, 18, 41, 54, 60, 76, 90

The Lions addressed their need for tall timber in the side, securing a trade for Geelong ruckman Darcy Fort in the final hours of the trade period. 

Following the retirement of Archie Smith and Eric Hipwood expected to miss a large chunk of 2022 due to injury, the Lions had been scouring for someone to support Oscar McInerney in the ruck, and landed the Cats big man.

Having managed just eight games in the past three seasons at Geelong, a move north could see Fort finally play regular AFL football.

No player from the Lions left the club during the trade period, with the club expected to field another strong side in 2022.

Giacomo Bruno

Lost: Sam Petrevski-Seton (Traded – West Coast), Eddie Betts, Marc Murphy (both Retired), Levi Casboult, Michael Gibbons, Sam Ramsay (all Delisted)

Gained: Adam Cerra (Traded – Fremantle),  George Hewett (Free Agent- Sydney), Lewis Young (Traded – Western Bulldogs)

Draft Picks: 25, 64, 82

The Blues shopped early and got all their deals done in the first week of the trade period, getting their three recruits in with minimal drama and fuss. They secured much-needed midfield depth in George Hewett and the young emerging star Adam Cerra from Fremantle. Lewis Young also comes across to Ikon Park after 5 years at the Western Bulldogs to be groomed as a Liam Jones replacement in a few years time.

The Blues parted with Sam Petrevski-Seton who made his way back to Western Australia. With another year of adding talent at the trade table completed, Michael Voss will have his hands on a pretty talented list in his first season in charge at the Blues.

Jono Baruch

Lost: Max Lynch (Traded – Hawthorn),  Levi Greenwood, Chris Mayne, Anton Tohill (all Retired) 

Gained: Nathan Kreuger (Traded – Geelong), Patrick Lipinski (Traded – Western Bulldogs)

Draft Picks: 27, 36, 46, 48, 55, 58, 78, 79

The Pies looked to atone for their 2020 off-season horror show, quickly looking to address their need for more young tall talents with the acquisition of Nathan Kreuger from Geelong. Collingwood worked to get their work done early, grabbing Kreuger within the opening few days. Having lost Anton Tohill, Levi Greenwood and Chris Mayne to retirement, the Pies continued working on gathering enough draft points to secure Nick Daicos in the draft while still bringing in handy talent.

The major success of Collingwood’s trading period was their ability to trade for out-of-favour Bulldog Patrick Lipinski without losing the draft points required to secure Daicos as a father-son selection. Needing more young midfield talent, Lipinski was key to the Pies emerging out of the trade period successfully. When they managed to still maintain their high draft picks while grabbing bargain pick-ups in Kreuger and Lipinski, the Pies had a much more successful trade period in 2021 compared to last year’s mass exodus.

Sean Mortell

Lost: Patrick Ambrose, Cale Hooker, Irving Mosquito (all Retired), Ned Cahill, Lachie Johnson, David Zaharakis (all Delisted)

Gained: Jake Kelly (Free Agency – Adelaide)

Draft Picks: 11, 51, 56, 87

Emerging late in the trade period, Adrian Dodoro was unable to get the move of speedster Bobby Hill across the line after GWS list boss Jason McCartney announced he would be staying with the club despite his wishes to get to Victoria with his pregnant partner to be closer to family. That was a blow for the Dons who have chased a small forward over the trade period, but they did well not to front up more than a future second-round pick for the 21-year-old and can look forward to the Davey twins in 2022’s draft.

Jake Kelly adds a lockdown defender presence to the backline at no cost. He frees up Mason Redman and Jordan Ridley, with Ben Rutten now having a defender who can play on dangerous smalls on the last line of defence.

Jasper Chellappah

The Bomber couldn’t snare Bobby Hill. Photo: GWS GIANTS

Lost: Adam Cerra (Traded – Carlton), Brett Bewley, Reece Conca, Taylin Duman, Stefan Giro, Leno Thomas, Tobe Watson (all Delisted), Stephen Hill (Retired)

Gained: Will Brodie (Traded – Gold Coast), Jordan Clark (Traded – Geelong)

Draft Picks: 6, 8, 19, 61, 69, 84

Contracted Geelong youngster, Jordan Clark, has found his way back to Western Australia after trade was agreed with the Cats. The Dockers had to part with pick 22 and a future third round selection, however they also received a future fourth round selection from the Cats alongside the speedster.

The Dockers managed to acquire Carlton’s pick 6 in this year’s national draft as well as a third-round pick in next year’s for out-of-contract player, Adam Cerra.  After much speculation throughout the 2021 season, Cerra announced his desire to return to his home state after Fremantle’s season concluded.

Fremantle was able to bring in big-bodied midfielder Will Brodie along with the valued Pick 19. The former Sun was drafted with Pick 7 in the 2016 National Draft. The Dockers now have arguably the strongest hand in this year’s draft with four selections in the first 25 picks, including two in the top 10.

Jack Dobson

Lost: Jordan Clark (Traded – Fremantle), Darcy Fort (Traded – Brisbane Lions), Nathan Kreuger (Traded – Collingwood), Oscar Brownless, Ben Jarvis, Stefan Okunbor, Cameron Taheney (all Delisted) Lachie Henderson, Josh Jenkins (both Retired)

Gained: Jon Ceglar (Traded – Hawthorn)

Draft Picks: 22, 30, 32, 34, 50, 91

One of the deals that went to the death was Jordan Clark, but the Cats have got good value from the man they took with a top 15 selection a few years ago. Picks 22, 30, 32 and 34 will breathe some life into an ageing list, and Stephen Wells’ team will back themselves in to get value at those selections as they have done for over a decade now.

Jon Ceglar could be the missing piece for the Cats over the next year or two. He’s a genuine tap ruckman who can hold his own around the ground and get on top of smaller opponents. Ceglar should trump Stanley for the starting ruck role with the Cats come Round 1, 2022.

Jasper Chellappah

Lost: Will Brodie (Traded – Fremantle), Aiden Fyfe (Delisted), Jarrod Harbrow, Jack Hombsch, Jordan Murdoch,  Zac Smith (all Retired)

Gained: Mabior Chol (Free Agency – Richmond)

Draft Picks: 3

The Gold Coast Suns would view their 2021 trade period as a success. Considering their list is pushing maximum capacity, they were able to identify the availability of Mabior Chol who fills a need for the Suns. Chol comes in as an extra tall forward with rucking capabilities to support Jarrod Witts.

The Suns have no reason to be overly involved in the 2021 National Draft and, as a result, have traded all selections but their first-round (pick three). In return, the Suns have a strong hand in the 2022 Draft.

Additionally, the Suns have been able to free up salary cap space by trading a former seventh pick, Will Brodie, who has struggled to become a first team regular since joining the club in the 2016 national draft.

Jack Dobson

Lost: Jeremy Finlayson (Traded – Port Adelaide), Matt Buntine, Tom Hutchesson, Nick Shipley (all Delisted), Sam Reid (Retired)

Gained: Nil

Draft Picks: 2, 13, 53, 71, 89

The Giants may end up having a trade period they’d like to forget with the club unable to land anyone, while holding on to Bobby Hill after he requested a trade away from the club.

Having traded Jeremy Finlayson to Port Adelaide early in the trade period, the Giants left the rest of the business to the final days before the deadline. 

The Giants approached the Hawks trying to acquire mid-forward Chad Wingard though he wasn’t keen on heading to the Giants, and then fellow Hawk Luke Bruest also knocked back a move after the Giants offered a lucrative offer of pick 13 to the Hawks in exchange for the forward and a second-rounder, but it wasn’t to be.

The Giants managed to hold on to promising young forward Bobby Hill who requested a move to Essendon with neither party coming to an agreement. Hill had sparked interest from the Hawks and Magpies but finishes the trade period still a Giants player with one year remaining on his contract.

Giacomo Bruno

Lost: Jon Ceglar (Traded – Geelong),  Tim O’Brien (Free Agency – Western Bulldogs), Keegan Brooksby, James Cousins, Damon Greaves, Michael Hartley, Harrison Pepper (all Delisted) Shaun Burgoyne, Jonathan Patton, Tom Scully (all Retired)

Gained: Max Lynch (Traded – Collingwood)

Draft Picks: 5, 21, 24, 59, 65, 81

It was a quiet trade period for the Hawks as they currently boast three picks inside the top 30, the Hawks opted to head to the draft with one of the best hands in the competition as they look to rebuild under new coach Sam Mitchell.

With key players Chad Wingard, Luke Breust, Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell rumoured to make a move away from the Hawks, all four would ultimately stay put at Waverley. 

The club would add just one player to its list during the trade period, bringing in Collingwood ruckman Max Lynch. Having been linked to the Hawks earlier in the year, will be the likely replacement for the outgoing Jonathon Ceglar who departed to the Cats.

The Hawks also lost Tim O’Brien via free agency with the utility moving to the Western Bulldogs, but now gives an opportunity for youngster Denver Grainger-Barras to cement a spot in the Hawks best 22 in 2022.

Giacomo Bruno

Lost: Austin Bradtke, Jay Lockhart, Aaron Nietschke, Aaron vandenBerg (all Delisted), Neville Jetta, Nathan Jones (both Retired)

Gained: Luke Dunstan (Free Agency – St Kilda)

Draft Picks: 17, 37, 49, 57, 94

Having done most of their work in the middle of the year signing up their biggest stars, fresh off winning the Premiership, the Dees took a back seat and watched it all unfold from afar.

They did sign discarded Saint Luke Dunstan as a depth midfield option to cover the losses of the retiring Nathan Jones and after Aaron vandenBerg moved on to pursue other opportunities. With their list in a sweet spot and brimming with talent, they look primed to go again.

Jono Baruch

Lost: Robbie Tarrant (Traded – Richmond), Taylor Garner, Connor Menadue, Dom Tyson, Will Walker (all Delisted)

Gained: Callum Coleman-Jones (Traded – Richmond)

Draft Picks: 1, 20, 42, 47, 72, 77

It was another trade period of maintaining the youth direction at Arden Street, with the Shinboners very quiet in the off-season trade period except for one player swap with Richmond.

The Roos were hunting for more young tall timber to support Nick Larkey and Cam Zurhaar up forward, and struck gold when they managed to swap veteran defender Robbie Tarrant, pick 40 and a future second-round pick for Richmond’s Callum Coleman-Jones, picks 42 and 47 alongside a future fourth-round pick. With Tarrant being spied on by the Tigers, the Roos played the move smartly, grabbing a forward with plenty of potential in Coleman-Jones.

Sean Mortell

North fended over huge offers for the number one pick. Photo: South Adelaide FC

Lost: Peter Ladhams (Traded – Sydney), Joel Garner, Hamish Hartlett (both Delisted), Tom Rockliff (Retired)

Gained: Jeremy Finlayson (Traded – GWS Giants)

Draft Picks: 12, 63, 73, 74, 92

It was a quiet trade period for Port, as they missed out on the Jordan Dawson sweepstakes as he decided he wanted to play at West Lakes.

Peter Ladhams departed to Sydney, but the Power were fairly compensated moving up four spots to Pick 12. With Ladhams departure, it opens the door for 22-year-old Sam Hayes who’s dominated at SANFL level to potentially make his debut next year. However, it does leave Port with only two genuine rucks on their list in Hayes and Scott Lycett so they may look to add another ruckman in the draft.

They were able to bring in Jeremy Finlayson for cheap, giving up a future third-round selection for the ready-made mature forward option. Finlayson will provide forward depth and a potential second-ruck option.

The Power were looking to add some more depth to their midfield mix to help the likes of Brownlow Medallist Ollie Wines and Travis Boak, they were linked to potential options like Tom Mitchell and Jaeger O’Meara but such moves never looked too likely.

Jordan Janssen

Lost: Mabior Chol (Free Agency – Gold Coast), Callum Coleman-Jones (Trade – North Melbourne), Patrick Naish (Delisted), David Astbury, Bachar Houli (both Retired)

Gained: Robbie Tarrant (Trade – North Melbourne)

Draft Picks: 7, 15, 26, 28, 38, 40, 83

After losing club stalwarts David Astbury and Bachar Houli to retirement and delisting young Patrick Naish, the Tigers once again lost more fringe players due to their period of recent success. In recent years it’s been Brandon Ellis and Reece Conca, but in this off-season it was Mabior Chol who decided to make the move to the Gold Coast for more opportunity.

With Noah Balta still out with an ACL injury, and with Astbury’s departure causing an absence in their key defensive stocks, the Tigers looked to North Melbourne’s Robbie Tarrant as the perfect cover. To get Tarrant, they had to give young forward Callum Coleman-Jones amongst other picks, showing Richmond are still intent on claiming success while in their premiership window. The good news is the Tigers enter the draft with the most picks they’ve had in years, starting with 7, giving them plenty of chances to welcome in gun talents to Punt Road.

Sean Mortell

Lost: Luke Dunstan (Free Agency – Melbourne), Sam Alabakis, Oscar Clavarino (both Delisted), Jake Carlisle, James Frawley, Shaun McKernan, Dylan Roberton (all Retired)

Gained: Nil

Draft Picks: 9, 62, 66, 67, 85

The Saints took a back seat and were quiet throughout this year’s trade period, and possibly justifiably so due to their approach to this time of the off-season in year’s gone by.

Having picked up a slew of talent across the last two years to cover certain positions around the ground, the Saints would be believing they’ve built and formed the basis of their current list to go into 2022 with.

St Kilda lost midfielder Luke Dunstan to Melbourne via free agency and apart from that, the only time St KIlda looked to be involved in the trade for players was when it showed plenty of interest in picking up North Melbourne forward/ruck Tristan Xerri. 

With talks ongoing throughout the final day of the trade period and despite an improved offer from the Saints late into the evening, the Kangaroos held firm in their demands and the deal was called off.

St Kilda did however involve itself  in a four-way deal with Adelaide, Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs. Looking to pivot its draft hand, the club gave up pick 49 to Melbourne and received picks 62 and 66, as well as a future fourth-round pick from Adelaide which will help them match bids for their NGA prospects Marcus Windhager and Mitch Owens.

Jason Irvine

Lost: Jordan Dawson (Traded – Adelaide), George Hewett (Free Agency – Carlton), Kaiden Brand, Malachy Carruthers, Sam Gray, Matthew Ling (all Delisted)

Gained: Peter Ladhams (Traded – Port Adelaide)

Draft Picks: 16, 31, 39, 70, 88

After haggling for most of the trade period, the Swans were able to secure a deal with Adelaide on the final day of the trade period to send Jordan Dawson to South Australia for Melbourne’s future first-round selection. 

With free agent George Hewett having departed to Carlton early in the trade period, Sydney have lost two players from its elimination Final team. 

The Swans were able to secure Peter Ladhams from Port Adelaide, in exchange for sliding down the draft order to 16 and giving up a future third-round selection. 

Still having a first-round pick in its possession, and with a new young ruck prospect joining, the Swans can continue looking to the future, with new pieces to the puzzle in place.

Thomas Grattan

Peter Ladhams joined Sydney on the final day of trade period. Photo: Port Adelaide FC

Lost: Brendon ah Chee, Brayden Ainsworth, Jarrod Cameron, Will Collins, Mark Hutchings, Ben Johnson (all Delisted), Nathan Vardy, Daniel Venables (both Retired)

Gained: Sam Petrevski-Seton (Traded – Carlton)

Draft Picks: 10, 29, 35, 68, 86

A quiet period for the Eagles has seen them retain their draft hand which will help them replenish the young talent on their list. They acquired former Pick 6 Sam Petrevski-Seton from Carlton relatively cheaply, who comes across as young midfield depth but will be well placed to earn a spot in the West Coast starting midfield.

It remains to be seen what happens with utility Jarrod Brander who was shopped around early by the club with no real suitors to take him on. He could yet return to the club but will likely be delisted and find a new home as a delisted free agent.

Jono Baruch

Lost: Patrick Lipinski (Traded – Collingwood), Lewis Young (Traded – Carlton), Lin Jong (Retired)

Gained: Tim O’Brien (Free Agency – Hawthorn)

Draft Picks: 23, 43, 44, 45, 52, 93

Looking to reload after their stinging loss in the 2021 Grand Final to the Dees, the Bulldogs looked to strengthen their few weaknesses in preparation for next year. With out-of-favour midfielder Pat Lipinski wanting more opportunities at Collingwood, and Lewis Young being held ready for a trade to Carlton, the Dogs quickly eyed the competition for a versatile tall defender.

The Bulldogs finally landed on Hawthorn’s agile utility Tim O’Brien, a player who is capable up forward but who has played his best football intercepting across half-back. He came in as the perfect cover for Young, while also adding a new point of difference to the Dogs’ defence for the 2022 season.

Sean Mortell

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