Some big names changed clubs in the 2022 Trade Period

It was a busy 2022 AFL Trade and Free Agency period. Who came and went from your club over a frantic two weeks?

It was billed as one of the busiest trade periods on record and the 2022 AFL Trade Period certainly lived up to the hype.

35 players moved clubs in across 14 days of Free Agency and Trade Periods, with big moves and deals sending shockwaves through the competition.

How did your club fare?

Departures: Billy Frampton (Traded – Collingwood), Luke  Brown (Retired)

Arrivals: Izak Rankine (Traded – Gold Coast)

Draft Picks: 23, 46

Izak Rankine got his wish of a return home to South Australia and is poised to light up Adelaide Oval in the tri-colours. The Crows parted with their prized pick five as the centrepiece of the deal with a slew of later and future picks changing hands in the deal.

The Crows also dealt depth key position player Billy Frampton, who made his way to Collingwood in exchange for a future third-round pick.

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Departures: Tom Berry (Traded – Gold Coast), Daniel McStay (Free Agency – Collingwood), Mitch Robinson (Retired), Mitchell Cox, Ely Smith, Devidas Uosis (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Josh Dunkley (Traded – Western Bulldogs), Jack Gunston (Traded – Hawthorn)

Draft Picks: 34, 35, 36, 38, 55, 56, 73

There were a few nervous moments but they got their man and finished the trade period as one of the big winners overall. Josh Dunkley comes in on a six-year deal and will join forces with the likes of Neale, McCluggage, Rayner, Lyons, and Will Ashcroft in a formidable engine room.

They also upgraded on Dan McStay who departed for Collingwood by bringing in triple premiership hawk Jack Gunston, who follows the same path as his premiership teammates in spending the final years of his career up north with the Lions.

Tom Berry also leaves for the Gold Coast to pursue more game time and opportunity.

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Departures: Will Setterfield (Traded – Essendon), Will Hayes, Oscar McDonald, Jack Newnes, Luke Parks, Liam Stocker, Tom Williamson (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Blake Acres (Traded – Fremantle)

Draft Picks: 10, 29, 49, 66

Shopped early once again but unlike previous years, had a very small shopping list with only one target on it, With Nick Austin and the Blues repeating that the focus was on the draft this year after two years outside the first round. They didn’t have to give up much in the end for Blake Acres, who will lock down a spot on the wing, filling a much-needed hole for Michael Voss.

Will Setterfield found his way to Essendon in a deal that didn’t net the Blues much in terms of value. Paddy Dow will see out the remaining year of his contract at the Blues but faces a fight on his hands for regular game time.

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Departures: Brodie Grundy (Traded – Melbourne), Ollie Henry (Traded – Geelong), Jordan Roughead (Retired), Callum Brown, Tyler Brown, Issac Chugg, Liam McMahon (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Billy Frampton (Traded – Adelaide), Bobby Hill (Traded – GWS Giants), Daniel McStay (Free Agency – Brisbane), Tom Mitchell (Traded – Hawthorn)

Draft Picks: 16, 25, 27, 51

Busy right till the very end and one of the winners of the period with the Pies landing the first and last deals of the trade period. Finishing with a bang landing the former Brownlow Medallist Tom Mitchell.

The Pies secured all their targets in Bobby Hill, Daniel McStay, and Billy Frampton, bolstering several areas of the field as well as clearing some salary cap room in the Brodie Grundy trade to Melbourne. The Pies also begrudgingly relented on sending Ollie Henry back home to Geelong, finally agreeing to a trade in the dying minutes.

The moves allow Craig McRae to now work with his list as he and the Pies look to build on a tremendously successful first year as coach.

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Departures: Aaron Francis (Traded – Sydney), Michael Hurley, Anthony McDonald – Tipungwuti, Devon Smith (all Retired), Tom Cutler, Tom Hird, Garrett McDonagh (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Will Setterfield (Traded – Carlton), Sam Weideman (Traded – Melbourne)

Draft Picks: 4, 22, 54, 62, 68, 72

It’s been a big off-season of upheaval for the Bombers already which always made their activity in the trade period intriguing. After securing Brad Scott as senior coach, Essendon made what could prove to be some shrewd moves with some low-spend, high-upside acquisitions.

Will Setterfield, the midfielder who Essendon contemplated bidding on at pick one six years ago makes his way to the Bombers, his third club after being moved on from Carlton with the Blues’ blessing. The Bombers also moved to bring in Sam Weideman from Melbourne in the hope he follows in the footsteps of Peter Wright at his second club.

After seven interrupted years, Aaron Francis also gets a fresh start leaving the Bombers to head up to Sydney.

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Departures: Blake Acres (Traded – Carlton), Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker (both Traded – North Melbourne), Rory Lobb (Traded – Western Bulldogs),  David Mundy (Retired), Connor Blakley, Joel Western (both Delisted)

Arrivals: Josh Corbett (Traded – Gold Coat), Luke Jackson (Traded – Melbourne), Jaeger O’Meara (Traded – Hawthorn)

Draft Picks: 30, 44, 67, 76

They were the club with the most business to do over the past 10 days and it took them until the last minute to get the majority of it done.

They landed the big fish in Luke Jackson before securing the late surprise in Jaeger O’Meara on Deadline Day from Hawthorn.

They relented late on Rory Lobb but brought in Josh Corbett to add to the forward mix and act as a replacement, along with Jackson.

The Dockers also executed deals for all those that sought a trade, mainly so they could land their three targets with Acres going to Carlton, Logue, and Tucker heading to Arden St for fresh starts.

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Departures: Cooper Stephens (Traded – Hawthorn), Luke Dahlhaus, Shaun Higgins, Joel Selwood (both Retired), Quinton Narkle, Francis Evans, Nick Stevens, Paul Tsapatolis, Zane Williams (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Jack Bowes (Traded – Gold Coast), Tanner Bruhn (Traded – GWS Giants), Ollie Henry (Traded – Collingwood)

Draft Picks: 7, 58, 64

The Cats are still the pacesetters in almost every area of the competition. Win the flag, trade in three players who went in the first round of the draft in the last handful of years and secure pick seven to boot. Their highest pick since they recruited a certain Joel Selwood.

Ollie Henry wanted to return home and got his wish late in the piece to reunite with his brother down the highway. The Cats senior group also wooed Jack Bowes down to Kardinia Park when he was offered up to a good home as a salary dump. Safe to say he got to a very good one.

Tanner Bruhn also got his chance to head back home while Cooper Stephens leaves the Cats after falling further and further down the midfield pecking order, with the former first-round pick securing a last-minute move to Hawthorn.

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Departures: Jack Bowes (Traded – Geelong), Josh Corbett (Traded – Fremantle), Izak Rankine (Traded – Adelaide), Matt Conroy, Jez McLennan, Patrick Murtagh, Rhys Nicholls (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Tom Berry (Traded – Brisbane), Ben Long (Traded – St Kilda)

Draft Picks: 5, 45, 71, 74

While the Suns are looking to consolidate their list, the questions over its cap management and player retention still remain. Needing to deal out Jack Bowes, an academy player born and bred in Queensland is a situation that many are still coming to grips with.

They lose plenty of glitz and excitement with Izak Rankine requesting a move home to Adelaide but they did secure their targets with both Ben Long and Tom Berry arriving at the club, as the club has an eye to next year with some big names needed to be secured and locked away.

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Departures: Tanner Bruhn (Traded – Geelong), Bobby Hill (Traded – Collingwood),  Jacob Hopper, Tim Taranto (both Traded – Richmond),  Matt de Boer (Retired), Jarrod Brander, Zach Sproule, Jake Stein (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Toby Bedford (Traded – Melbourne)

Draft Picks: 1, 15, 18, 19, 31, 57, 61

Always big players in this space the Giants and they were busy throughout. They cleared their space dealing Jacob Hopper and Tim Taranto to Richmond, and after he tried to leave last year, Bobby Hill got his wish of trade to Collingwood. Tanner Bruhn was also traded away at the first opportunity he could. The Giants did welcome exciting small forward Toby Bedford who is sure to enjoy a full game most weeks with a position in the forward pocket available.

After securing pick one in the mega deal to be talked about to the end of time, the Giants will zero in on Aaron Cadman, a long-term key forward prospect in the draft.

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Departures: Jack Gunston (Traded – Brisbane), Tom Mitchell (Traded – Collingwood), Jaeger O’Meara (Traded – Fremantle), Ben McEvoy, Liam Sheils (both Retired), Jackson Callow, Connor Downie, Daniel Howe, Tom Phillips (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Karl Amon (Free Agency – Port Adelaide), Lloyd Meek (Traded – Fremantle), Cooper Stephens (Traded – Geelong)

Draft Picks: 6, 24, 41, 48, 50, 52, 65

They became the protagonists of Deadline Day when Jaeger O’Meara emerged as a player who wanted to seek a trade.

As the final hours ticked down, the Hawks had their fingers in many pies including being in for Lloyd Meek and Cooper Stephens who both found their way to the club, but also parted with Brownlow Medalist Tom Mitchell. Leaving a big hole in their engine room.

Jack Gunston’s departure to the Lions will leave the Hawks light on for experience in 2023, with the rebuild well and truly in full swing, it remains to be seen if the Hawks have cut too deep as Sam Mitchell assumes full control of his list.

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Departures: Toby Bedford (Traded – GWS Giants),  Jayden Hunt (Free Agency – West Coast), Luke Jackson (Traded – Fremantle), Sam Weideman (Traded – Essendon),  Mitch Brown, Majak Daw (both Retired), Fraser Rosman (Delisted)

Arrivals: Brodie Grundy (Traded – Collingwood), Lachie Hunter, Josh Schache (both Traded – Western Bulldogs)

Draft Picks: 13, 37

After a straight sets exit saw the Dees crash out in spectacular fashion in their pursuit to go back to back, rival clubs mounted a raid on the Dees’ fringe players and one of their prized assets. As had been mooted a long way out, Rising Star winner Luke Jackson made his way back home landing at the Dockers with his former teammate also making the move to Western Australia with Jayden Hunt joining the Eagles as a free agent.

After sitting on the bench for several weeks as a medical sub this season, Toby Bedford has made the move up to the Giants with the promise of more game time in a rebuilding side.

They did add to their list with mature bodies, attracting star ruckman Brodie Grundy to replace Jackson and partner Max Gawn in a fearsome ruck division. The Dee’s also constructed two deadline day deals for Bulldogs Josh Schache and Lachie Hunter, both seeking a fresh start after a couple of troubled years.

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Departures: Jason Horne – Francis (Traded – Port Adelaide), Tom Lynch (Retired), Kyron Hayden, Matt McGuiness, Patrick Walker (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Griffin Logue, Darcy Tucker (both Traded – Fremantle)

Draft Picks: 2, 3, 40, 43, 59, 70

Were dealt a blow on the eve of the trade period when Jason HorneFrancis submitted his request to get back to his home state, which was the cherry on the cake after a period of tumult. With Alistair Clarkson not officially starting until next month, and under investigation in the impending Hawthorn review, it was going to be interesting to see how North Melbourne would navigate the exchange period with so many unknowns hanging over the club.

Still, their main targets Griffin Logue and Darcy Tucker made their way through the door, and they were able to extract the best possible outcome in a deal for Jason HorneFrancis, which included the prized first pick in the draft.

Entering draft night armed with picks two and three, the Roos will be looking to continue adding young talent to their emerging young brigade in the middle and front half.

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Departures: Karl Amon (Free Agency – Hawthorn), Robbie Gray, Steven Motlop (both Retired), Sam Mayes, Taj Schofield, Sam Skinner (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Jason Horne – Francis (Traded – North Melbourne), Junior Rioli (Traded – West Coast)

Draft Picks: 33, 60

Close to the winners of the trade period, the power got their hands on generational talent Jason HorneFrancis and Junior Rioli in one of history’s biggest trades on Monday night.

HorneFrancis was the bombshell of the trade period, requesting a move to Port Adelaide on the eve of the first day. Port Adelaide was able to pick up last year’s number-one pick alongside Junior Rioli for little more than a couple of first-round picks.

The expected loss of Karl Amon hurts their outside run, but the Power will have no complaints after bringing Horne-Francis home to Alberton.

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Departures: Josh Caddy, Shane Edwards, Kane Lambert (all Retired), Matthew Parker (Delisted)

Arrivals: Jacob Hopper, Tim Taranto (both Traded – GWS Giants)

Draft Picks: 53, 63

Tiger time is back, the winners of the trade period are firmly back in the race for the flag in 2023. Richmond now boasts one of if not the best midfields in the competition after poaching two key Giants, any combination of their best six will be able to match it against all 17 teams.

Both inclusions have their own ways of bolstering the Tigers’ stocks, Taranto is the powerful inside player with explosiveness while Hopper can weave his way out of a contest three different ways.

They’ll miss Shane Edwards and Kane Lambert, but lose no ability. Look for the Tigers to roar again next season.

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Departures: Ben Long (Traded – Gold Coast), Jarryn Geary, Dan Hannebery, Dean Kent, Paddy Ryder (all Retired) Darragh Joyce (Delisted)

Arrivals: Zaine Cordy (Free Agency – Western Bulldogs)

Draft Picks: 9, 28, 32, 47

Knock knock. Anyone there?

After missing out on Jordan De Goey, the Saints took a back-seat approach to the player movement period this year, seldom doing any deals or engaging in any discussions. 

Ben Long got his wish with a trade to the Gold Coast and the Saints bolstered their key defensive depth, signing Zaine Cordy as a Free Agent from the Western Bulldogs. 

While the Saints were engaged in discussions with North Melbourne about Hunter Clark, the former pick eight will remain at Linton St with the Saints ultimately refusing to deal.

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Departures: Josh Kennedy, Colin O’Riordan, Callum Sinclair (all retired), Barry O’Connor, Lewis Taylor (both Delisted)

Arrivals: Aaron Francis (Traded – Essendon)

Draft Picks: 14, 17, 42, 75

One of the more quiet operators of the trade period. It took until the final day, but the Swans finally made a move, bringing in-depth defender Aaron Francis from the Bombers. 

It’s been a period of retention for the Swans, locking in Callum Mills, Chad Warner, Robbie Fox, and Harry Cunningham over the last few months of the season.

They exit 2022 losing experience midfielder Josh Kennedy, but will take two top-20 picks into the draft. List manager Kinnear Beatson says they’re open to packaging those picks for a top-10 pick, chasing the lucrative talent at the top end of this year’s pool

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Departures: Junior Rioli (Traded – Port Adelaide), Josh Kennedy, Jack Redden (both Retired) Hugh Dixon, Tom Joyce, Jackson Nelson (all Delisted)

Arrivals: Jayden Hunt (Free Agency – Melbourne),

Draft Picks: 8, 12, 20, 26

Committed to the rebuild.

After a poor 2022, the Eagles cleared shop and opened space to draft young talent. The retirements of Josh Kennedy and Jack Redden look to be the start of the staggered transition. They recovered what they could for wantaway forward Junior Rioli in the largest trade deal in history that also saw them split the coveted pick two.

 The pick split sees the Eagles hold four picks inside the top 26, bringing them to level with the Giants as two of the best draft hands in the competition.

Jayden Hunt’s inclusion gives West Coast the pace and line-breaking movement that was sorely missed from their latest campaign.

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Departures: Josh Dunkley (Traded – Brisbane),  Lachie Hunter, Josh Schache (both Traded – Melbourne)

Arrivals: Liam Jones (Free Agency), Rory Lobb (Traded – Fremantle)

Draft Picks: 11, 21, 39, 69

After an early acquisition of Liam Jones through free agency, the Dogs were locked in a battle with Brisbane over a fair deal for Josh Dunkley. A week of quietness stirred into a hectic final 30 minutes that saw the Bulldogs lose three players and bring in Rory Lobb.

Fringe players Lachie Hunter and Josh Schache both found their way to the 2021 premiers as the Demons look to bolster their list after a disappointing finals campaign.

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