Carlton co-captain Patrick Cripps Photo: @CarltonFC. Twitter

As we approach the halfway mark of the season, see who from your team is eligible for free agency going into the 2021 trade period.

Below is the 2021 Free Agency List which includes Restricted, Unrestricted and Previously Delisted Free Agents (currently on Club lists) across the competition as at June 11, 2021.

Matt Crouch (Adelaide Crows) 
Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
Zach Merrett (Essendon)
Jake Kolodjashnij (Geelong Cats)
Josh Kelly (GWS GIANTS)
Jack Billings (St Kilda)
George Hewett (Sydney Swans)

David Mackay*^ (Adelaide Crows) 
Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows) 
Daniel Talia (Adelaide Crows) 
Thomas Lynch (Adelaide Crows) 
Jake Kelly (Adelaide Crows) 
Ben Davis* (Adelaide Crows) 

Archie Smith* (Brisbane Lions)
Mitchell Robinson* (Brisbane Lions)
Rhys Mathieson* (Brisbane Lions)
Connor Ballenden* (Brisbane Lions)
Grant Birchall*^ (Brisbane Lions)

Marc Murphy (Carlton)
Levi Casboult (Carlton)
Edward Betts*^ (Carlton)
Edward Curnow (Carlton)
Matthew Kennedy* (Carlton)
Oscar McDonald* (Carlton)

Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
Josh Thomas* (Collingwood)
Chris Mayne^ (Collingwood)

Cale Hooker (Essendon)
David Zaharakis (Essendon)
Martin Gleeson*^ (Essendon)
Patrick Ambrose (Essendon)
Dylan Clarke* (Essendon)
Will Snelling*^ (Essendon)

David Mundy^ (Fremantle)
Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
Bailey Banfield* (Fremantle)
Brett Bewley* (Fremantle)
Reece Conca^ (Fremantle)
Lachlan Schultz* (Fremantle)

Joel Selwood (Geelong Cats)
Cameron Guthrie (Geelong Cats)
Jed Bews (Geelong Cats)
Lachlan Henderson*^ (Geelong Cats)
Oscar Brownless* (Geelong Cats)

Sam Day (Gold Coast SUNS)
Jarrod Harbrow*^ (Gold Coast SUNS)
Sean Lemmens (Gold Coast SUNS)
Zac Smith* (Gold Coast SUNS)
Nick Holman* (Gold Coast SUNS)
Jack Hombsch* (Gold Coast SUNS)
Jordan Murdoch* (Gold Coast SUNS)
Jacob Townsend*^ (Gold Coast SUNS)


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Matthew Buntine* (GWS GIANTS)
Sam Reid*^ (GWS GIANTS)
Daniel Lloyd* (GWS GIANTS)
Zachary Sproule*^ (GWS GIANTS)
Jake Stein* (GWS GIANTS)

Shaun Burgoyne (Hawthorn)
Tim O’Brien (Hawthorn)
Dylan Moore* (Hawthorn)
Keegan Brooksby*^ (Hawthorn)
Michael Hartley*^ (Hawthorn)

Nathan Jones (Melbourne)
Neville Jetta* (Melbourne)
Aaron Nietschke* (Melbourne)
Mitchell Brown*^ (Melbourne)
Majak Daw*^ (Melbourne)

Robbie Tarrant (North Melbourne)
Jack Ziebell (North Melbourne)
Shaun Atley (North Melbourne)
Taylor Garner^ (North Melbourne)
Trent Dumont (North Melbourne)
Kyron Hayden*^ (North Melbourne)
William Walker* (North Melbourne)
Tom Campbell* (North Melbourne)
Joshua Walker*^ (North Melbourne)
Connor Menadue* (North Melbourne)

Robert Gray (Port Adelaide)
Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide)
Steven Motlop^ (Port Adelaide)
Tom Rockliff^ (Port Adelaide)
Boyd Woodcock*^ (Port Adelaide)
Tyson Goldsack^ (Port Adelaide)

David Astbury (Richmond)
Bachar Houli^ (Richmond)
Kamdyn McIntosh (Richmond)
Mabior Chol* (Richmond)
Derek Smith* (Richmond)
Matthew Parker* (Richmond)
Benjamin Miller* (Richmond)

Jarryn Geary^ (St Kilda)
Sebastian Ross (St Kilda)
Luke Dunstan (St Kilda)
Darragh Joyce* (St Kilda)
Oscar Clavarino* (St Kilda)
James Frawley*^ (St Kilda)
Paul Hunter*^ (St Kilda)
Shaun McKernan*^ (St Kilda)
Mason Wood*^ (St Kilda)

Sam Reid (Sydney Swans)
Luke Parker (Sydney Swans)
Robbie Fox* (Sydney Swans)
Sam Gray* (Sydney Swans)
Kaiden Brand* (Sydney Swans)

Shannon Hurn (West Coast Eagles)
Joshua Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
Mark Hutchings*^ (West Coast Eagles)
Daniel Venables* (West Coast Eagles)
Brendon Ah Chee*^ (West Coast Eagles)
Jamaine Jones* (West Coast Eagles)

Tom Liberatore^ (Western Bulldogs)
Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs)
Lin Jong (Western Bulldogs)
Roarke Smith*^ (Western Bulldogs)
Ben Cavarra* (Western Bulldogs)
Taylor Duryea^ (Western Bulldogs)
Ryan Gardner*^ (Western Bulldogs)
William Hayes* (Western Bulldogs)
Stefan Martin^ (Western Bulldogs)

* Previously delisted
^ Previously qualified as Free Agent

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