The Giants are weighing up the possibility of trading their coveted Pick 22, with a host of clubs clamouring to get the first pick of the night.

Speaking to the media at Marvel Stadium on Monday night, recruiting manager Adrian Caruso admitted the club was open to moving the selection after taking Aaron Cadman, Harry Rowston and Darcy Jones in the first round.

However, he’s also ready to take the player at the top of the their board if a suitable offer doesn’t eventuate.

“There were clubs coming at us all through the back-end of this first round tonight with offers for some of those picks,” he said.

“At the moment we’ve said ‘Nope, we’re going to hold firm and pick our player’, knowing that with that first pick tomorrow we can sit there tomorrow and wait and see what comes through.”

Multiple clubs are clamouring to get up the draft board on night two, with Essendon attempting to get ahead of an Alwyn Davey Jr. bid, and St Kilda looking to push up the board and take another top talent to pair with Mattaes Phillipou.

Clubs in the premiership window including Melbourne are considering offering up a future first for the prized selection, but the Giants are open to sliding back into the second round for a future second-rounder as well.

“If we move back three or four spots and take a future second – that’s an option,” Caruso told the media.

“Those sorts of deals are regularly offered up and really that first pick on night two, that’s been what’s happened, slide back for a future second [rather] than a flat out future first.

“If someone comes to us with a future first, we’ll listen, but there’s a few different scenarios that we would consider.”

The Giants often have a different draft board to other clubs around them, and were delighted to snap up WA speedster Darcy Jones at the end of the first round.

They have been linked to Tasmanian Lachie Cowan as well as Vic Country forward Brayden George, but both players are in high demand and may not be available if the club does slide down the second-round order.

If the Demons acquire the pick, expect them to take the best ruckman in the draft, Harry Barnett, while other clubs will have a different prospect atop their boards at the start of the night.

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