Adam Zampa will be playing a different game with two day games to come at the T20 World Cup. Picture cricket.com.au.

With Australia having had a taste of both day and night cricket during the T20 world cup so far, Adam Zampa has a clear picture of how it affects his game.

With Australia having had a taste of both day and night cricket during the T20 World Cup, Adam Zampa has a clearer picture of how it affects his game.

Speaking after Australia’s heavy loss to England on Saturday night, Zampa spoke about the differences the time of play has had on his and the rest of the Australian teams bowling during the tournament.

Australia has played two of their last three games at night after their first match being a day game, with their remaining clashes against Bangladesh and the West Indies to take place during the daytime.

“Bowling at the daytime is a lot different than bowling at night, the wickets tend to be a lot slower,” he said.

“The game’s definitely a lot higher scoring at night time as well- sometimes the first innings at night time can be a bit tough going.

“And then night time when the dew takes effect, some nights it does, some nights it doesn’t so the batting definitely gets easier.

“I’m not sure of the makeup of the team, and things like that, but it definitely affects how we go about it as bowlers.”

England brushed Australia aside last night – bowling clinically and batting brutally, securing an 8 wicket victory with 8.2 overs to spare. Currently one of two undefeated in the tournament, Zampa spoke about the notion of the English side having an ‘aura’ around them in white-ball cricket.

“There’s definitely something about them, I think they’re led really well by [Eoin] Morgan, and they’ve got a lot of guys that are role players.”

“Some guys in their team, they get the job done- they’re ugly cricketers but they get the job done more often than not.

“There’s a lot of respect for that English team for sure, they’re led really well, and you saw last night they’re really clinical with how they go about things.

“Jos Buttler’s innings last night was something that not many international cricketers have the ability to do.”

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Australia will need to win against Bangladesh and the West Indies if they are to have any chance of progressing to the knockout stage of the World Cup.

Zampa spoke about the difference between playing the Bengals in the UAE compared to their last encounter in the series in Bangladesh back in August.

“It’ll be different- the wicket back in Dhaka was probably one of the worst international wickets we’ve come up against- particularly in my time in the Australian cricket team,” he said.

“Bangladesh would walk off with 115 runs against their name and you’d be like ‘how are we going to get this.

“I don’t think we’ll see a wicket that bad- obviously our team’s looking a bit different at the moment, we’ve got some ball speed which we didn’t have over there as well.

“We’re pretty wary of what they’re able to do, they have some really good young players and great experience with guys like Shakib [Al Hasan] who can win a game off his own bat.

“It’s going to be a big game and we’ll use whatever intel we have from the last series, and the game will definitely look a lot different than back in Dhaka.”

Australia and Bangladesh face off on November 4 at 9:00 pm AEDT time.

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