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NBL Head of Referees, Scott Butler, has presented the findings of a review into the final moments of regulation during last night’s match between Melbourne United and the Perth Wildcats.

Of the two decisions that were under scrutiny, the review found that one of the fouls should have been overturned. Butler says there should have been a foul against Alexandre Sarr on the Matthew Dellavedova reverse layup, which would have given Dellavedova a chance to win the game.

“With 1.8 seconds remaining, a pushing foul was called on Perth’s Alexandre Sarr as Melbourne’s Matthew Dellavedova drove to the basket and made a lay-up,” he said.

“Perth coach John Rillie challenged the call made on the floor. The coaches challenge rule states that only the called foul can be challenged. In this instance, it was correctly determined there was no pushing foul on Sarr, and the decision was correctly overturned.

“We do acknowledge a mistake was made on that play. Sarr should have been called for a hands foul, which would have resulted in Dellavedova going to the foul line. 

“To clarify, no-calls cannot be changed or challenged via the coaches challenge.”

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In the final 1.8 seconds, a pushing foul was called against Dellavedova which was deemed the right call. 

“On the next play with 1.8 seconds remaining, Dellavedova was called for a pushing foul against Perth’s Jordan Usher. Upon review, this was the correct decision,” he said.

“It was not deemed a throw-in foul, as the foul occurred after the ball had left the hands of the player inbounding.”

This statement comes after Melbourne United coach Dean Vickerman called for clarification on the final moments of the game.

“There’s a couple of things I need absolute clarity on because I thought there were some plays in the game where I thought there was some heavy contact and different things that I didn’t think got reviewed.”

61 fouls were called as Perth won the match in overtime 102-95. 

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