The Adelaide Giants will host the historic Australian Women's Baseball Showcase at Bennett Field (Photo: Baseball Australia)

After multiple postponements, the Australian Women's Baseball Showcase will see the best players in the country converge at Bennett Field in Adelaide this weekend.

After two postponements, the Australian Women’s Baseball Showcase will be going ahead in Adelaide at Bennett Field in West Beach this weekend in a historic event for women’s baseball in the country.

The Showcase will pit the Adelaide Giants and Brisbane Bandits against each other, although five states and territories will represented within the two sides. The very best women of Australian baseball will be competing, a strong line-up of names announced on each respective roster.

The Giants will have a roster of 17 players to work with while the Bandits have 16 players on theirs.

Adelaide and Brisbane will each feature three local players on its respective teams, while there is a total of 10 teenagers that will be part of the Showcase, highlighting the up-and-coming talent from Australia.

Victorian Shae Lillywhite, an eight-time Team Australia representative, will be part of the Adelaide Giants roster. (Photo: Baseball Australia)

Two doubleheaders will be contested across Saturday (4pm and 6:30pm ACST) and Sunday (10:30am and 1pm ACST) with each game’s duration lasting five innings – a fair difference from the traditional nine innings of a baseball game. No new innings will commence after an hour and 45 minutes.

In continuing a different format for these games, each team will be able to take one powerplay per game, allowing for the offensive side to choose to start an inning with a runner on first and second, adding to the scoring potential.

In another historic first, the games will be broadcast on FOX Sports and Kayo in Australia, and internationally in the USA, Japan and Europe.

Former Team Australia outfielder Amy McCann will become the second woman to call baseball on Australian television, commentating all four games across the weekend.


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The Showcase was originally scheduled as part of the Australian Baseball League’s Championship weekend in Melbourne in February before Victoria was thrown into a snap five-day lockdown.

The event moved to Brisbane before it too was thrown into chaos after Queensland went into a three-day lockdown in April.

The Australian Women’s Baseball Showcase is hoping to become a precursor to a professional women’s baseball competition getting started in Australia with four baseball organisations – Adelaide Giants, Baseball Victoria, Brisbane Bandits and Canberra Cavalry – granted provisional licenses for a slated 2021 financial year start date.

In 2019, Baseball Australia set up A League Of Her Own, where it was seeking donations ‘from our baseball family to give women an equal platform to showcase their talent and create greater diversity within our sport’.

As of April 20 2021, a total of $31,176 had been raised to kick-start a women’s professional baseball league.


Genevieve Beacom (VIC), Kaila Borgomastro (WA), Belinda Cannington (VIC), Lili Cavanagh (VIC), Lianna Davidson (NSW), Maddison Erwin (ACT), Caitlin Eynon (WA), Ticara Geldenhuis (NSW), Abbey Kelly (VIC), Shae Lillywhite (VIC), Tahnee Lovering (NSW), Jessica Maslin (SA), Carly Moore (SA), Aislinn Morris (WA), Claire O’Sullivan (NSW), Alice Prokopec (SA), Maddison Tabrett (NSW).


Gabby Bevan (VIC), Brittney Cedelland (VIC), Amy Collins (VIC), Emily Devine (VIC), Morgan Doty (VIC), Bronwyn Gell (VIC), Maddison Heath (NSW), Breanna Jones (NSW), Hannah Marshall (QLD), Abbey McLellan (VIC), Laura Neads (NSW), Elodie O’Sullivan (NSW), Maddy Patrick (VIC), Jordan Richardson (NSW), Laura Wagner (QLD), Taylah Welch (QLD).

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