Leeds United's Rodrigo Moreno celebrates another attacking return, this time against Chelsea. (Image: Official FPL/Twitter)

Gameweek three saw the rise of potential for numerous assets, while premium assets continued to frustrate managers.

Differential assets will become much more popular following GW3, so selection remains vital. Managers may be advised to stick fat with certain selections as they are too good to pass up.


Jadon Sancho (£7.3m): 10 points vs Liverpool

Doubt surrounded Manchester United before they hosted Liverpool, but they rose to the occasion in an emphatic 2-1 victory.

Sancho scored the opener with a cool, calm and collected finish in the box, setting up the huge win.

His haul of 10 points which included two bonus points, allowed him to re-enter the fray as a good selection.

The Englishman hasn’t fared too well since returning to the Premier League. He only netted his fourth goal since arriving at Manchester United at the beginning of last season.

Sancho remains a good option if managers put their faith in Manchester United, as it still isn’t clear where their best football is played.

Wilfried Zaha (£7.1m): 12 points vs Aston Villa

Zaha went one better from his GW2 performance, scoring a brace in Crystal Palace’s 3-1 win against Aston Villa. This granted him a haul of 12 points including three bonus points.

Many managers are opting to downgrade their midfield to potentially fit a Zaha-type player in their squad. Back-to-back attacking returns places promise on his name, but a knee-jerk reaction rarely helps anyone.

His price point gives him potential to grow, yet Crystal Palace faces a huge challenge in GW4.

Crystal Palace travels to face Manchester City in GW4, a match where it would be presumably difficult for Crystal Palace to score.

Bernardo Silva (£6.8m): 13 points vs Newcastle United

Bernardo enjoyed his first returns of the FPL season, in an exciting 3-3 draw against Newcastle United. The Portuguese maestro scored a goal and also assisted another, earning himself 13 points, including three bonus points.

He struggled in the first two matches, coming from the bench, only playing 37 minutes. But he earned his first start and didn’t disappoint.

Bernardo will continue to be tossed up for selection, as Manchester City have such a strong midfield/forward base to work with.

However, due to his performance, he will likely start again, unless he struggles with fitness.

He remains a good selection, as he always was, but the uncertainty regarding his minutes will give managers a headache.

Martin Ødegaard (£6.4m): 16 points vs Bournemouth

Arsenal’s captain produced a player of the matchweek performance against newly-promoted Bournemouth. Ødegaard scored twice in the 73 minutes he was on the pitch, giving him a tally of 13 points.

He was later awarded three bonus points, boosting his score to 16 – the highest of any asset in GW3.

Ødegaard, as Arsenal captain, has certain minutes each week. Although, it is highly unlikely that he scores this high week, in and week out, like other Arsenal assets.

Keep an eye on Ødegaard, but it would be a mighty knee-jerk reaction to get him into your squad.

Allan Saint-Maximin (£6.4m): 13 points vs Manchester City

Still goalless this season, Saint-Maximin finally brought his attacking prowess to fruition. He provided all three assists for Newcastle as it scored a valiant 3-3 draw against Manchester City.

Saint-Maximin was and still is at the forefront of Newcastle’s attacking line, due to his ability to provide assists and get into dangerous territory.

His ownership still lies under 10 per cent, which is enticing for managers to have a punt at his selection. Nonetheless, Newcastle does appear more threatening than ever before since its promotion to the Premier League.

Like Ødegaard, keep an eye on him, but your eyes may be swayed to better options at the same price point.

Che Adams (£6.4m): 12 points vs Leicester City

Adams was the hero for Southampton as it defied the odds to beat Leicester away from home. Adams scored twice in the 31 minutes he played on the pitch, earning himself 12 points including three bonus points.

Southampton’s number 10 has been a cheap FPL forward asset in the past and he could be once again.

Similarly to other hot players, there are more nailed-on options at the same price point, that shouldn’t go amiss.

Most managers have opted for a two-pronged attack, meaning to get Adams would mean playing a front three. Adams has kicked 16 goals and assisted eight in the last two seasons and could be a good selection.

Rodrigo Moreno (£6.3m): 13 points vs Chelsea

Rodrigo, for the second week running, has produced double-figure returns. Of course, this was unexpected but he now has managers scrambling to add him to their squad.

His goal and assist for Leeds United in their 3-0 win over Chelsea turned heads. Making some managers believe there could be some method to his madness.

Rodrigo is the highest-scoring asset in FPL after three gameweeks, by some margin – 10 more points than the next best.

Leeds has an easier predicted run in its next four matches according to the FDR, matching up against Brighton, Everton, Brentford, and Nottingham.

Buying Rodrigo could pay dividends, especially for a player who has now been cold for the opening three gameweeks.

Marcus Rashford (£6.3m): 10 points vs Liverpool

Just like Sancho, Rashford had managers’ heads turned back toward Manchester United assets, when he played a part in the 2-1 win over Liverpool.

Rashford finally got his first return of the season, after many managers took a punt on him before the season. He managed 10 points including three bonus points against Manchester United’s arch-rivals.

The Englishman is already a headache for many managers, as his price has dropped £0.2m since the beginning of the season. A number of managers who initially owned him have sold.

He continues to be a decent differential selection, as Manchester United play Southampton next week, who are in good form. So, if he scores points, those that own him will benefit plenty.

Ivan Perisic (£5.5m): 12 points vs Wolves

Perisic earned his first start for the season for Tottenham when it defeated Wolverhampton 1-0. The Croatian provided the only assist of the game and received a clean sheet bonus as he is listed as a defender.

He still isn’t guaranteed certain minutes in the squad, which leans him toward the doubtful side, although his presence has now been made known.

Perisic has provided an assist for every 55 minutes he has played in the Premier League thus far, putting him in the top percentile of attacking returns for a defender.

Tottenham appears stronger at the back, conceding once against Southampton – early into the season, and twice against Chelsea – who are a solid outfit.

Perisic should be on your watch list, and if not then in your team. He has already dropped, then risen back to his original price, so managers will be hoping to catch him before he rises again.

William Saliba (£4.6m): 14 points vs Bournemouth

Saliba has endured a rollercoaster season so far. From a man of the match performance in GW1 to scoring an own goal in GW2, to now scoring a wonder goal in GW3.

He appears to be nailed in Arsenal’s defence now, starting and completing all three matches. His price of £4.6m and his position in Arsenal’s defence mean he will score points.

Saliba is expected to score every weekend, however, he has shown his attacking threat at set pieces and from range. He could continue to produce points throughout the year, there is no doubt about that.

If you are looking to downgrade a defender, Saliba could be an option. Arsenal has some very enticing fixtures, beginning with Fulham at home in GW4.

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Heung-min Son (£11.9m): Three points vs Wolves

In the opening three gameweeks, Son has only provided one attacking return – an assist in GW1. Since then, he has been nowhere to be seen as an attacking threat.

Son’s ownership is over 16 per cent, meaning he is frustrating over 1.5 million managers across the world. He has been a frequent exit in FPL teams after GW3, as over 200,000 managers have moved him on.

Tottenham’s attack has only become stronger with the recent addition of Dejan Kulusevski and Richarlison, which could spread the attacking threat more evenly.

Tottenham has Nottingham, West Ham, and Fulham in its next three fixtures, it would be silly to remove Son as he is such a big asset.

Raheem Sterling (£9.9m): One point vs Leeds United

Like Son, Sterling has only had one attacking return throughout the first three gameweeks. Despite starting every match, he has been unable to have any impact.

Sterling has huge potential to sort out Chelsea’s striker woes and become a big scorer for it this season, he just hasn’t shown it so far.

His ownership is quite low, just over five per cent. However, for his price, it seems like a major punt.

Sterling could be transferred out for a less-expensive asset that is in good form, which would give managers more flexibility.

Luis Diaz (£8.0m): Two points vs Manchester United

Diaz showed his worth for Liverpool in its 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace in GW2, but he was lacklustre when the Reds visited Old Trafford.

His two-point showing was poor, despite being one of the more prominent Liverpool players – which says something in itself.

Liverpool is expecting Diogo Jota back, while Roberto Firmino started in GW3. Darwin Nunez is still suspended for two games, but if Liverpool can stay away from injuries, it will return to full strength.

This means that Diaz may not start every game, starting soon. He could be transferred out if you don’t believe in the Liverpool attack. Keep in mind that Liverpool plays Bournemouth at home in GW4.

Bukayo Saka (£7.9m): Three points vs Bournemouth

As Claude from Arsenal Fan TV once said: “it’s time to go!”

Managers have shown frustration over Saka so far this season, as he went into the season showing lots of promise. His time has come as Gabriel Martinelli has proven to be much more cost-effective.

If managers decide to keep Saka, it would be wise as Arsenal still have opportunistic fixtures, with the likes of Fulham and Aston Villa its next two opponents.

Purely based on form and what is available for a cheaper option, it would not be the worst option to give Saka the boot.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m): Zero points vs Manchester United

Once again, Alexander-Arnold makes the ‘cold’ list. It’s not just him bringing his points down, it’s the entire Liverpool defence.

Although Alexander-Arnold has admittedly been poor defensively this season, he has always made an impression up front, without failure.

Alexander-Arnold has an expected assists (xA) of 1.17 per match, but has just been unable to pull one off yet.

Managers should be inclined to hold this asset, even after a poor start. Not only because he has massive potential for points, but because Liverpool host Bournemouth in GW4.

Joao Cancelo (£7.1m): Zero points vs Newcastle United

Cancelo, like Alexander-Arnold and other premium defenders, had a nightmare performance in terms of FPL points.

He blanked, provided no attack return and Manchester City conceded three times.

But just like other premium defenders, they are premium for a reason. Cancelo will get more assists and Manchester City will keep clean sheets.

Holding onto Cancelo should be a priority, just like a number of other defenders, just until we can understand the rhythm in the season.

Reece James (£6.1m): One point vs Leeds United

The final ‘big six’ team to have a week not like itself was Chelsea. It conceded three times without scoring, registering a shockwave throughout the Premier League.

James, just like other premium defenders, will have attacking returns and clean sheets on the radar.

A poor week for all premium defenders will be less likely to occur every week, especially with the fixtures they have upcoming.

Chelsea plays Leicester City and Southampton in the upcoming two gameweeks and will be looking to make amends for the disaster that was GW3.

Hold onto James and if you don’t own him, he should still be on your watch list as his price point is still a sought-after asset.

Kalidou Koulibaly (£5.6m): Minus two points vs Leeds United

Koulibaly became a popular selection when he signed for Chelsea. He scored a banging goal in his Stamford Bridge debut, but other than that, it hasn’t been great.

Against Leeds, he and the Chelsea defence conceded three times, before he was handed a second yellow and was sent off.

He will now miss GW4 and as a consequence, over 10 per cent of FPL managers have a decision to make. Whether it is best to keep him or sell him.

There are endless options at the same price point, therefore making him an easy transfer to make. However, if Chelsea can keep clean sheets, it makes sense to hold him, as he can be a threat at set-pieces going forward.

Alisson Becker (£5.5m): One point vs Manchester United

Liverpool’s defence has let a lot of managers down. The 16.6 per cent of managers that own Alisson have a decision to make.

Alisson hasn’t kept a clean sheet all season, conceding five goals from three matches. Over three matches, Alisson has only amounted four points.

It feels like a waste to use transfers on goalkeepers, but it can make up for the pain when it’s an obvious move. Ederson and Manchester City have shown better defensive resilience, therefore making him a better asset.

Cheaper options of Aaron Ramsdale or David Raya at £5.0m also make sense, following three gameweeks. If you fancy Liverpool’s chances in the upcoming fixtures, stick with him. If not it is always worth a transfer.

Pedro Neto (£5.4m): 2 points vs Tottenham Hotspur

Neto was another player hyped up due to his pre-season form. He showed promise in gameweeks one and two, but that dulled against Tottenham.

After being unable to pull a single return in the opening three gameweeks, he is finding his way out of many teams ahead of GW4.

Wolves do have some nice fixtures upcoming after Newcastle in GW4. With Bournemouth and Southampton next in GW5 and GW6 respectively.

If you’ve had enough of Neto and have a better option lined up, then sell him. If you are willing to wait until after GW6, that is also not the worst idea.

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